Perth-Part 4-A whole new world of wildlife

By the lake, Otty Lake that is, a beautiful spot with towering white pines and cedars as well as maples and ash. A whole new set of wildlife for us, and the cats to watch:)

The hummingbird feeder went up immediately but I only had an occasional shy Ruby Throated stop by for a drink. I did miss my mass of summer hummingbirds but there was so much else here. A family of Hairy Woodpeckers were raising their young. They brought them to the feeder, showed them how to get the sunflowers seeds and open them by hitting them on the tree trunks, sometimes they fed them, sometimes they left them crying to figure it out for themselves. Real dedication on both Mom and Dad’s part.

There were many other visitors to the feeders as well. Red Breasted Nuthatches and white ones as well as the unmistakable sound of the chickadees. Blue jays and Robins as well. Not like our bratty Baja jays, these were more subdued, another pair raising a family. One day they feasted on a tent caterpillar nest above the trailer.

There were colourful visitors as well. Goldfinches fought over the feeders and who got what perch. The young males fleeing the older established ones, the ladies just waited their turn patiently when the pursuers flew off they came in for their meal. I caught he fleeting glance of a Scarlett Tanager feeding his young. The spectacular Red against the green of the pines but a moment too late with the camera.

and the Loons…that amazing melancholic cry of the Northern Wilds. It sends shivers up and down my spine. Sitting late at night listening to their song was the best music the forest could offer and I felt we had ringside seats.

A Great Blue Heron frequented the shoals and flocks of Ring Billed Gulls came and went. There was a constant hum from the birds in the area.

Birds of prey were few here, out towards the much larger Rideau Lake I heard there were Osprey and Bald Eagles but I don’t think there are that many fish perhaps in this lake. On a boat trip around the lake we spotted a pair of Merlins and a solitary Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk towards the Upper Rideau.

An amazing variety of birds, and not just birds, there were rodents of unusual size;)

If there was a peanut to be found they could find it. They jumped from the branches and ran up and down the trailer roof like herds of small elephants driving the cats completely mad. Their antics both amused and brought hearty smiles to us every day, sorry Regan and Sheila if they have all nested in your cottage right now with their winter stores;)

The chipmunks were certainly the most endearing of the bunch. They allowed the cats to chase them, not even close they were so quick, chattered at them through the windows and gave me hours of photography and entertainment. Way better than any TV I’ve recently watched:) I have a new appreciation for the amount of peanuts any single chipmunk can stuff into their cheeks;) The smart ones husked them first then crammed them in to maximum capacity.

Did I mention the deer? From the does that came and went to the local set of spotted twins running about they gracefully made there way around us and by us. There were frogs and painted turtles and even a snapping one.

…and then there were our small feline animals. This was a wonder world of chirps and squeaks running about that brightened their days and made the stay an exciting endroit. It was also a place we had to say goodbye to one more of our wonderful old Burmese cats. Stinky left us, and now rests in a place he can chase anything he wants. Broke our hearts after 17 years of company, so hard to part but it was his time…and also a new beginning, for Groot, the kitten from Taggart’s Dairy farm that by miracles and helpful vets made his way into a vagabond existence. No cat can replace another but we are thankful for the joy this small, and now growing into a quite large orange Tabby, has brought to our lives…like a dog, only more magnificent, right Libby;)

Groot will be a fixture in our travels for many many years to come. He is a tree cat, loves climbing them on his leash and has proven to be Beezil, our last Burmese, right hand man. Going on walks together and now he has taken the place of riding shotgun in the truck between the seats, falling asleep most of the time he has proven he will be a ready and willing vagabond.

So enough kitten shots:) The wondrous variety of life we experienced in the short time we were by the lake astounded us. I have not even touched on the flora and butterflies. We’ll save that for our next trip through the lake landscapes and wonders of Perth.

Stay tuned, be well, hug the ones you love and thank them for their wondrous company. Life comes and goes too quickly to not savour every secound of it.

Saludos amigos.



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