Perth-Part 3-Side trips and treats

While it felt that we lazed about a great deal and just sat looking at the lake, we also took a few side trips as well. Ottawa was calling, the thought of DimSum at Yangtze’s was making our mouths water. It was one of our favourite go to places in Ottawa for lunch. Always an amazing array of delicious small bites to savour, or just gobble down:) Somerset Street is as diverse as can be, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and Guatemalan stores of all shapes and sizes offer up their wares and tastes of home. And that is just naming a few:)


Sorry, no food shots, it was consumed all too quickly and with great glee. Ottawa has so much to offer and we never even scratched the surface in our decades there. It is a true multicultural city and one of the nicest I have known.

Our first love though is the country, quiet back roads and exploring new and old places again. We had the delightful job of driving Libby to work a few times at Murphy’s Point Provincial Park and there fore got the complete tour:) checked out their camping area as well but as we considered our spot perfect, in every way, there was no question of moving;)

Then there was the Fair, a time old tradition over the Labour Day weekend. We knew it well as we ran the Perth Fair Hunter show for many years. It gave the local kids a chance to show off their skills in front of the home crowd and while it was quite some work to organize the Fair board was always so generous with prize money and ribbons we loved, I guess that is using the royal we, running it. We decided to go Sunday to watch the Heavy Horse Show and minis, something I was normally too tired to see after our day running the Hunter Show.

It is always a wonderful slice of farm and country life. You also tend to run into half the town, a great meeting place. It made my heart glad. Loved the mini’s, they always scared the pants off of the show horses at the hunter show, as if they were thinking…what the f@#k are those things;)

Another scenic trip took us up to Ragged Chutes near Flower Station a half hour drive or so from Perth. You wind your way past lakes and farms and after a beautiful walk down through the forest you arrive at the chutes and river. We were totally alone here this day. Although the temperatures in the 90’s made for a steamy walk. A few berries were still ripe for the picking though and a red maple leaf or two lined the path, a reminder of that Fall was just around the corner.

It is so hard to do all the justice to this beautiful area of Ontario. So much to explore and hopefully next Spring and Summer will allow us to do that. We had wanted to stay on longer, to see the leaves change but that was not to be this year. Hopefully the next:)

Saludos Amigos and stay tuned for Part four of Perth:)


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