Perth-Part 5-The lake landscapes

A boat ride around the lake lets you take in the scenery from a different angle, see what your neighbours are up to, and wave at them as well. Docks dot the lake that get removed each Fall or the ice would crush them. The boats get lifted as well, some into fancy boathouses, others beside the cottages and houses that dot the lake. A large majority of people on this lake are full-timers, in other wards, like RV’ers live here full time, others come for the weekends and summer holidays, some seemed empty all summer.

Some have wells, many pull their water directly from the lake with pumps. It is a wonderful mix of old and new. The views are stunning in all directions. Wild flowers grew beside the cottage and on the shore. the mix of pines, cedars and maples are filled in by ash and poplars trees as well. The small islands found about the lake also have cottages, accessible some only in the summer, or when the lake freezes over in mid winter.

This entire watershed area is in drought state. Our friends said they had never seen the lake so low, rainfall has been scarce this summer and hotter than many years in the past. Seems like we go from one area of the world to another with the same problems…

hard to deny climate change. To the North fields of corn looked stunted. Some areas had relief from thunderstorms over the summer but other spots were passed by. You could tell who had rain by the height of the corn. Fields aren’t irrigated here, they rely on the rains to keep things growing. Fire bans were in effect in most counties.

and those sunsets…you had to sit and watch each night as the colours changed and the loons would start their magical call. We were not in dark skies by any means. Perth is directly to the North so the light dome was quite significant but it didn’t stop us from seeing the Northern lights one night, a wondrous show of green spikes and pink light. I had been waiting for these, one of my wishes to see them again before we left, spectacular.

I had never quite understood the lure of lake living until we had the opportunity to spend the time we did here. It is magical. Something about water, but different than the sea. I lived on a boat for many years but this was different, less hostile yes, more calming, maybe it has something to do with being calm water. We look forward to our return next summer and are so thankful for having had the chance to spend the last few months here. Thanks Sheila and Regan for making it possible:) and for welcoming us back, home.


Early Fall mists


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