Perth-Part 6-reconnecting

After wallowing in the Perthness of Perth we had the chance to reconnect with so many people. It was a privilege to once again meet and visit with so many friends and follow up on their lives and adventures. To see our boarders, lesson kids and their parents and barn brats ( you know who you are..hahahaha) grown up, others with their own farms and some with new foals and seeing the paths they have taken was a treat..

So many centered around our years at Ranyhyn Farm and the Equestrian center, others were the daily acquaintances from town, the butcher, the baker, no candlestick maker;) there were Mike’s school hood chums, our old dinner club and others were the fantastic random people that wander in and out of your lives as if nothing has changed. Those are precious moments and the reason we will come back here every year.

We ventured out of Perth to visit as well, Lyndhurst to visit Elsie and Ty, to Athens and our wonderful coach Jennifer’s barn, where my horses will soon be calling home, best one ever. With green grass and fields to roam it will seem like paradise compared to the confines of what San Diego can offer. I was so happy she had room to take them in and I can spend summers with them as we return each year! They will be surrounded by old friends as well, both Phoenix, one of our old school horses and Boots, one of our wonderful students and barn hand’s old horses will be there as well as a herd of small donkeys and a wonderful array of barn cats, something they used to have:)

Others were married  and we had the honor of attending, and our adoptive parents welcomed us back into the fold, as if we had never gone…fishing trips and dinner in Portland…Our Way family:)

It just didn’t last long enough,we are hoping they will be happy to see us back next Spring. It truly was hard to say goodbye it seemed to pass so quickly, one last glass of wine with this view and these amazing people…priceless….see you next year.



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