The calm before the storm…

Mists and fogs rolling in

Some mornings you just have to get up, I can roll over, look out my window and make that decision pretty quickly! It’s pajama photography at its best. Sometimes it’s a sprint down to the water before the colours fade but what got me here was watching the mists roll down the lake like a steamroller. They were tossing and turning, churning, circling. I wondered if the lone fisherman out in his small boat was watching it all roll by and over him, or was he concentrating on his line and reel! Today we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect, it feels like it, hot, heavy humid air, we may hit 30° Celsius, 90° Flinstone scale. Ugh weather….cooler is coming, maybe more of these early morning mists!

It’s been a long emotional week, a dear friend in hospital, another friend with broken ribs, another had his beautiful cat suddenly pass away after a jump, a blood clot the vet thought, then news that a friend is giving away, rehoming…I hate that word, his two cats, beautiful cats, because his new girlfriend is allergic and suddenly now they are affecting his asthma? I was thinking get a new girlfriend, but she’s a nice woman, how about allergy shots? WTF? Maybe I’m overly sentimental about my cat family but sheesh…get them when you need company, then get rid of them when you don’t. We humans don’t deserve to survive on this planet some days. I had to endure a mother who gave away all my childhood pets and sell our horses, all because they just were not convenient or conducive to her lifestyle at that time, so maybe I’m a bit sensitive to that shit, I’d take my cats over 90% of the earth’s humans. To see the broad spectrum of one man sobbing at the loss of his cat to another’s cavalier attitude towards giving his away was such a spread of emotions. OK, end of rant, like I said, it’s been an emotional week.

The one wonderful thing about the rain and hot humid conditions….mushrooms and lichen are popping up everywhere, these are just in the yard, Fairy Fingers? Ha! Love it! All I need to see now are Dead Man’s Fingers, Xylaria polymorph, they like Beechwood stumps I read, they are REALLY cool looking! Did the first guy who found them stop, and call the police I wonder? Ha! The bugs are still in force, mostly the wicked deer flies, the TIE fighters of the forest here. I feel sorry for the deer and know now why they are all out in the fields! I feel at this point of the summer I must have a flashing neon sign only visible to bugs that reads “Free bug buffet! All the human you can eat or bite!”…sigh…they will be gone soon, all part and parcel of living with nature. C’est la vie:) and no, it’s never convenient, there will always be something you will have to work hard for, and it may work, and it may be in vain, but you never know until you try:) Abrazos amigos, never mind me, I’m cranky today;) We’ll see how the weather Gods treat us later today!

Good morning Long Lake

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