Those amazing little things that make you smile:)


Nothing cuter than an orange kitten! Love the ladies in the doorway:)

He just wouldn’t quite fit in my purse…😉 Ha! Mike’s good friend Dave feeds these lovelies at a friend’s dairy barn, a fabulous organic dairy at that, and I asked to come along to take some pictures, especially as they had kittens, and on top of that, an orange one! We arrived with Dave and they started piling out the barn doorway at a full run towards Dave, then the two young barn dogs joined in, then the old guy Fife! It was a meeting of chaos as dogs barked, kittens hissed and postured and everyone wanted a pet or pat! I think Fife, the old guy was upset the younger two dogs were being hooligans, as young dogs can be! The orange kitten, Torch, was having none of it! Dinner was here dammit!

“Work with me Fife and we’ll both get something!”

Orange cats are renowned for being a bit too brave, OK, maybe not so smart, yeah, yeah, all orange cats share one brain cell, I know, but this little guy, you had to love the way he just took control and said yup, no one is coming between me and Dave’s sardine dinner!

Torch was not the only kitten, a beautiful fluffy Tortie joined the saunter, a fluffy black sibling, a void, much smarter than the other two said yeah, you guys go ahead, he will bring the food into the barn fools!

As the two young dogs rough-housed around the pickup, I picked up Torch and his sister and took them back to the barn with Dave following, the man with the yummy food! They just went limp, yeah, free ride! They were then fed and dug in with great glee. Dave has a soft spot for these guys and visits every night, I can see why:)

Everyone finally calmed down and after cat feeding we ate the cake I brought, sipped a gin and tonic, and chatted, Wilson and Jane have a beautiful farm on the Tay River, Wilson was off wrapping hay as we arrived, it was going to rain, no rest for a farmer in summer during hay season. Cats fed, dogs fed, all was good. Smiles and wonderful company, who could ask for anything more? Saludos amigos, remember it is often the small moments that bring the most joy to your lives!

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