Clear those clouds!

We want to see that comet Neowise! Last two mornings we have been greeted by spectacular sunrises…but low clouds near the horizon!!! NOOOOO!!!! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, is named Neowise ((short for Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) for the spacecraft that discovered it in March. The ball of ice and space rock started showing up in the northern sky with it’s tail flared upwards this week after surviving a lap around the sun! Our amazing universe!

Did I mention it was hot as well? We passed several Osprey nests on the Port Elmsley Road going down to muck stalls for Jennifer, boy were they warm. Poor little things! Mom was trying to shade them with her wing but everyone was panting up a storm!

Including me. Cooler temperatures would be welcome but I don’t see a break until the end of the week! The cats get to go out early in the morning, the youngster, Rocket, is having a hard time with the heat. Chase a chipmunk…stop and pant…like a little lion cub:) Rocket goes up one side of the tree, the chipmunk comes down the other side:) Fools him almost every time;)

The furred ones are getting used to their new digs. Groot hangs out in the shade under the truck, smarter older cat and stalks his chipmunks from afar. Rocket flies about after everything that moves, Gamora sits on the cool grass and watches, waiting….one of those chipmunks will get careless eventually;)

It is hard to believe we have been here a month. I do miss the smaller space of Myrtle the trailer occasionally, especially at night, doing the check ups on the fur kids, so many places to hide and sleep now.

Outside the explosion of butterflies, dragonflies and bugs is astounding. At night the minuscule firefly’s are lighting up the night. The first fireflies lit up where Beezil was buried, just started to cry…maybe that is his amazing energy:)

I joined a group on Facebook, The Insects and Arachnids of Ontario, wow, I had no idea the amazing variety of creeping, flying and crawling creatures out there, not a good group for anyone with arachnophobia, but fascinating and I’m learning what so many are! Bugs fascinate me! Think we may need to petition for a macro lens! I may learn the names of a few of the locals as well;) We have a huge variety of spiders, after I get through trying to ID the dragonflies I’ll start with them!

On a sad note, after the intense thunderstorms Friday, Mrs. Ruby Throated Hummingbird has left her nest. We’ve seen her back once, just briefly and she is still around, maybe the eggs were washed out in the heavy rain and wind, I hope she sits and lays again! We’ll keep watch! On a positive note, as we sat in the shade late in the day a Bald Eagle flew right by and on down the lake! Time to get that canoe in and do some exploring! Maybe early in the morning after comet hunting!!! 🙂

Stay tuned amigos:)

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