Morning has broken…#Cometneowise

Pretty exciting seeing this comet! For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is named Neowise ((short for Near Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) for the spacecraft that discovered it in March. The ball of ice and space rock started showing up in the northern sky with it’s tail flared upwards this week after surviving a lap around the sun! Our amazing universe! Note to self, copious quantities of coffee are necessary before attempting to do this early morning;) Rusty at doing night time photography to say the least. Turn off auto focus, check….oops, lens cap, check…yup, make coffee please! 😉 Best view was from the deck, but it wiggled, will look for a spot earlier. 4:15 by the time I was set up and focused 4:30, getting too light, but I stuck around for the sunrise:)

It was well worth it, even without coffee;) Ha! The comet was amazing-with the bifurcated tail (new word for me…Mike is such a smarty pants. Definition of bifurcated: divided into two branches or parts) i.e forked;) hahahaha! I’m thinking devil’s tail 🤪 We don’t get these kind of chances often to witness the astounding beauty and marvels our universe has to show, and right from our doorstep, no need to travel to anywhere except a view to the ENE horizon:)

Do it-you won’t regret getting up to see it!

♫♪♫ Morning has broken ♪♫♪

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