14 day Quarantine…heaven!

The beeps and warnings are still ringing on our phone, sometimes twice a day, English and French, mandatory quarantine for all those returning from ANYWHERE that is not Canada…how hard is that? Jezzus murphy! Are you stupid you returning Canadians? They must be having a huge problem to have these warnings every day….we know of a few not following the rules, incredibly sad and stupid from people who should know better. Ah, humanity:(

The Canada Customs was polite and to the point, explaining himself clearly, expressing the importance of complete self quarantine for 14 days. After looking at passports, registrations and cats papers we were on our way in less than 5 minutes, it seemed to last forever;)…and just like that, home territory. We waved towards the horses as we passed Plum Hollow!

We did make one stop after the Western Village RV Park in Carlisle, PA. The closest RV park we could find, open, to the border. Sandy is the front lady at Shady Rest Campground in Uniondale, Pennsylvania. She is a delight and gets A+ in distancing and helpfulness. We stopped here on our way South last Fall. Busiest Spring they have ever had she exclaimed from more than 6′ away! All Canadians, fancy that;)

The road into the cottage was clear with a few patches of snow in the shade and a bump where the snow plow had left a pile. Mike powered over it backwards and we wound our way back onto our gravel pad. It was a bit soft but he did as best he could as the ground is still so wet. He gets an A+, not only for the amazing backing ability all the way down Slack Way but for the 5,553 kilometers of driving! Thanks sweetie! You rock!…and here we are…we were unhitched and plugged in, power on in the cottage and bunkie before the first big raindrops began to Fall…perfick…;)

The next morning the sun was shining-the cats were so keen to go out they were lined up at the door after watching the squirrels and birds since light;)

The traveling Mewberries (perhaps renamed the sedentary Mewberries for now;) knew exactly where they were, the tails were trilling and the meows were meowing! Gamora ran straight for the bunkie door after exploring outside! Let me IN! and she climbed up into the rafters and ran back and forth, her favourite game. Groot stalked a few squirrels and Rocket just had a bewildered happy look and couldn’t decide where to go, or what to sniff. Fabulous quarantine companions! Beezil fell fast asleep…the old man needed rest. It was a hard trip on him, glad he didn’t come home in the freezer;) really, that was the option!

We are stocked up on staples from way back, wanting to avoid as much contact with anyone in the US and we’ve had many lovely offers of food deliveries from friends. We have an app we can order food online at the local supermarket so I think we will be fine, and get a bit inventive with what we do have;) The bird feeders are up and the locals are back. A group of three Turkey vultures scared the cats, big tails, especially Rocket. We’ll keep an eye out for Asgard, our Raven as well. I can hear the geese returning and a fabulous flock of Tundra Swans flew over us this morning!

Mike saw a beautiful fat Otter on the edge of the lake who dove in and went under the ice. We’ll keep an eye out for the minks that we saw hanging out under the cottage in the Fall. It is quiet here, not much human activity, so lovely. We will watch the ice melt in the next few weeks, where it was open yesterday, it froze completely last night with the temperatures falling to -4 Celsius (26° Flintstone scale). The trailer was warm and cozy all night with minimal heat, we are thinking the new roof and the resealing of all the air conditioners and hatches has made a huge difference. I did drag myself out of bed at sunrise, it was spectacular coming through the trees but I didn’t last long outside in my bathrobe;) soon though, it will change. We’ll keep you posted on the locals and keeping the kids amused for the next little while. Fingers crossed we don’t develop sore throats or fevers…every cough makes us jump a bit but I’ve had my stress cough for months, it’s a family genetic thing I think, and life goes on. Saludos amigos, stay warm and healthy and we’ll keep you posted when the sun comes back out, we’re headed for a weekend of heavy rain! Hasta la vista from quarantine;)

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  1. Glad to see everything is working out (more or less)…I keep telling myself that the weather will get better soon (like I do every spring lol). Take care, and see you soon.

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