Quarantine day 5

Birthday breakfast was in order for my better half, servant Mike to the traveling, I mean, sedentary Mewberries…I wanted to make Eggs Benedict, for Mike as well as myself, this goes both ways these delicious things but lo and behold, no English Muffins in the pantry so off to an amazing book my cousin Bronle gave us about both the history of these baked goods and the recipes over the ages…hilarious and yum!

Something about quarantine brings out the food cravings, you want what you can’t have;) Not sure what he gets for his birthday dinner but for desert-Creme Caramel of course:) The clouds and rain and even a few thunder claps that shook the trailer bring out that comfort food hankering:)

Still some juggling going on with our water system, not yet in place. Our older pump is getting tired so ordered a new pump through Canadian Tire but has not arrived yet, we did get our mailbox back up when no one was around in case it arrives via delivery slip. A series of hoses should get water to the trailer, if not we can pack it in buckets, not the preferred way;)

The mists and fog moved in later in the afternoon, it created a beautiful landscape of appearing and disappearing shorelines. Little by little the ice is fading away, every day there is a bit more water in the bays:) Just waiting for the sun now:) It won’t be long! We are so lucky to have each other in these strange and uncertain times. Our wonderful traveling Mewberries are a constant source of amusement and we have had so many kind offers from friends for anything we need. For now, I am trying to avoid the news and search for hope in our shared humanity and our relationship with this amazing planet. Saludos amigos!

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