Quarantine Day 8….

These little White Breasted Nuthatches are a treat to watch, they are busy, very busy, and they chat a lot to themselves, starting to sound familiar now, well, at least about the chatting to oneself;) they clammer all over the tree trunks, right side up, upside down and every other position in between:) Good for a smile:)

Midweek the sun finally came out in the afternoon and everything seemed right with the world, you just had to avoid reading any news, anywhere:)

We were tasked with filling the water tank on Myrtle, our trailer. Our old pump, the energizer bunny pump, a wee little thing we picked up at Canadian Tire many years ago to transfer water from a 55 gallon barrel to the trailer tank was put to the task. “Operation fill trailer water tank!” This wonderful little pump has traveled the continent with us and manages to keep going and going…slowly, very slowly it filled our water tank of 80 gallons…from the edge of the lake→all the way up here! 230 feet of hose and 20′ of lift! Wow! That is quite the little pump! As the temperatures are still going below freezing we can’t hook up the un-insulated cottage water yet! A new submersible water pump arrived via Purolater later in the day, I was not sure the little pump that could would continue to be the little pump that can and the luxury of water is something we don’t want to do without! ah, the joys of cottage living and lake water! so, like Baja, we have a plan A pump, and a plan B pump! Not a habit we are ever going to get away from I think!

We had a special delivery of food from friends, dropped off at a distance. A lifesaver, fresh fruit, eggs, ( I love eggs!) chips (salt and vinegar, how did they know?) beer and fixings for cat food. We make our own cat food, might explain the giant size of our feline companions;) ha! Thank you Joanne and Trevor! And a wine delivery, and more beer, never hurts, it could be used as an antiseptic right? 😉 Thank you Regan and Sheila:) All with good social distancing and lots of hand washing:) whew…one really has to think constantly about what to touch, how to touch and where to touch, as well as WHO to touch! ha! Settle down Mike!

We’ve watched the ice recede, then come back with nights below freezing but today, the wind is howling and suddenly, it is gone, all pushed down the lake to the South. Small lake icebergs are floating past in the stiff Northerly wind, all piling up at the end, sorry Judy! I hope your end of the lake doesn’t look like Antarctica! I sat and watched the sunset last night, the concrete was a very cold seat but the beauty was a balm to our troubling times:)

Have I mentioned just how happy the traveling Mewberries are? They are ecstatic, not only do they not have to share us with ANYBODY, they get to go out for long walks, Groot gets to run free and there is a tremendous amount of flying up and down trees and gallivanting in the bunkie, racing up and down and general mischief making! How happy they are!

Nights are pretty quiet after all this commotion! The furball kids fall asleep pretty quickly except for Rocket who seems to get a 2nd wind, much to the consternation of his older sister, resulting in a lot of hissing and “can you just piss off”…hahahaha!

Not the clearest shot but so cool to see three bald eagles on a lake berg;)

Waiting for warmer days myself. I did some raking and cleaning, my oregano and lemon thyme have survived the winter:) Happy face! Today the wind is howling and although it is sunny, and we got to see three bald eagles, a parent and two juveniles. The lake berg (a new word: ice lake shelf/floe, not FLOW I just discovered! ha!) that was on the lake this morning where the bald eagles were resting, is going, going, gone! Wowza! That happened fast!

This afternoon, quarantine day 8 is sunny, windy and cold but bye bye ice! Temperature are going to be above zero tonight and by the weekend it will be balmy, for us, for this time of year! Saludos amigos! Only 6 days to go of quarantine! Stay tuned for replacing the water pump “IN” the trailer, things happen in threes, what could be next!…I don’t want to know! hahaha! The Purolator guy knows exactly where we live now:)

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