I must be tired, I forgot where we were last night…

Part of the journey. The old cat requires a lot of TLC. Fed every three hours or he gets sick, so yes, clean up that vomit, better to get up and feed him. Damn, like little kids, as we get old we simply revert. But that look of adoration, when he pushes on my face, ( yes, sometimes covered in his last meal I hadn’t had the chance to clean off)…sigh…melts my heart and the care continues. We’ve had friends say “Why don’t you just put him down?” Would you do that to an old relative, or child? He’s not in pain, he jumped over my head on the bed yesterday, the CBD seems to be helping with his mobility…Beezil, 20 years old and almost 5 months old…wow…he blows my mind where a persistent stance on life can take you. I bow in your honor, and yes, I’m going to get you some more food, warmed, just right, just how you like it…We are cat slaves, I wouldn’t have it any other way;)

I just want for him to make it back to Canada, He lost an eye tooth this last week, I keep telling him two more jumps, and we all can rest, will rest, 14 day quarantine for us and all our friends sake, and we have built in entertainment…cats! It has been a long drive, not the one we expected. No birthday dinner for Mike in New Orleans, distancing ourselves from people who seem to not have a care in the world, oblivious to what is going on around them…shocking, and appallingly selfish. I think that is part of this country’s psyche sadly. We have started rating places on how they react.

Four hours later from Paul B. Johnson State Park we arrived at the check in for Oak Mountain State Park-A+-distancing, gloves staff get a big virtual high five, campers do not…socializing, campfires, idiots…D- to boot, our spot was so uneven our door side tires were 6″ off the ground and there were other spots open, we also had to pay for two nights, as it was the weekend, we left in the morning…Cats were sad, they love the forest, time to move on!

We were treated to a glorious afternoon of sun and even some in the morning, warms the soul:) The wildflowers are harder to find the further we move North. It is heartening to know they will eventually arrive! The trees here were just starting to leaf out and a few blooms could be seen. The spiderweb was amazing!

The next jump was well over 4 hours and thirty minutes, almost 300 miles to the other side of Knoxville, Sevierville, Tennessee. We stopped here on the way down and knew it was a quiet stop and another A+ for social distancing. The lady in the office pointed to the window where our site map and receipt were taped outside…no human interaction! Jesus was looking out for them from the roof;) It rained hard overnight and we discovered ourselves in a pool of water in the morning, no morning cat walking…

We had one more 4 plus hour drive to get us into Virginia. The KOA off the I 81 was another previous stop we knew so we had a night booked there. By now the names were starting to run together and the scratched off names on the calendar had left no room for the new stops…so many changes 0_0….at least the sun had come out!

The Natural Bridge KOA got a flunking grade D- for check in. No gloves, no distance, sign here, I held my breath, (I bring my own pen always)…I did manage to buy a roll of quarters and used all three machines to get the last few weeks laundry done, all by myself:) Here not much blooming either and no leaves on any of the trees. It was a lovely warm afternoon. Our next door neighbour engaged Mike in conversation from a distance, outside smoking his cigarette, complaining that “Dollyville” was closed and what were they going to do….go back to Ohio buddy!

There wasn’t a leaf on a tree but the Woodpeckers were very busy. You could hear them from far pecking at trees. What beautiful creatures they are! Saw a Hairy Woodpecker but he evaded me and the camera:) There were a number of distracting and tasty looking squirrels as well Rocket mentioned;)

“That is a tasty looking squirrel!”says Rocket

The next jump…much shorter into Pennsylvania. I was starting to get stupid, OK, left myself open for that..stupider;) ha! Just tired. When my dyslexia kicks in Mike knows I’m running on empty;) “Do you want the heat seater turned on in the truck?” and other famous sayings;) Flip flopping all those words around:)

Western Village RV Park got great grades for social distancing-no one was there, or they were locked behind the door I later discovered. A half dozen maps and names were taped to the outside wall. A+. Funny how many Quebec and Ontario plates we saw blowing past us on the freeway…in a hurry and all headed North:) I did have to call the office to pick up a package, which they put on top of the ice machine for me to pick up after I’d inquired if it was there:) Dusty and Maya’s and their barn mates vaccines:) Nothing really picture worthy here. In the final days here of a long needed rest and at least 14 day quarantine. Gray skies and leafless trees, drizzle and wind…almost there I keep telling Mike, almost there. We’ll let you know tomorrow! Saludos amigos and stay safe and distant! Looking forward to this….

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