Now where to eat dinner?From the most decorated restaurants in Mexico to a seafood cart…

Whether it is a yearly birthday treat at Laja in Valle de la Guadalupe or getting a shrimp cocktail on the way home, takeout for supper, you can really eat anything your heart desires here.

We don’t buy each other birthday or Christmas gifts but we do go to this amazing restaurant and usually over the course of three or more hours sample a delight of what the chefs here are doing. Their January 2020 menu was a wonderful sample of local fare. You start with their bread, fresh out of the oven, made with an over 20 year old sourdough starter, it is nutty and delicious, paired with olive oil and a scrumptious herb butter…I could just fill up on that alone!

Beetroot salad with pinions and padua cheese, scallops with kohlrabi puree, striped sea bass tartar ( the highlight of the meal for us!) with parsnip and carrot leave infusion in a citrus vinaigrette,lobster raviolis with melisa oil, Catch of the day, more bass with cured oysters, local lamb with roasted carrots ans sweet potato, quince sorbet with black olive caramel and finally pastry with Chinese persimmon ice cream and pumpkin with cardamon…all exquisitely paired with local Baja wines…I could die happy after ones of these meals…

….but it does take time, if you are in a rush, a stop at the local seafood cart outside Estero is a mouth watering experience. From his ceviche ( typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and chili peppers or other seasonings including chopped onions, salt, and coriander) and oysters, aguachilies (aguachile is a Mexican dish made of shrimp, submerged in liquid seasoned with chili peppers, lime juice, salt, cilantro, slices of cucumber and slices of onion. Raw vegetables such as cucumber are usually added) and coctels, everything is available to go. Mike sups on a few raw chocolate clams while the takeout is being prepared. You can eat these with tostadas ( fried, and or baked corn tortillas) totopos ( true deep fried corn tortillas chips) or saladitas-saltine crackers:) The owner has some colourful dialogue to share each day and no, don’t look at what he shows you on his phone, let’s say he lacks boundaries as to what is correct, or polite…0_0….Didn’t need to see his naked lady pictures…life is an adventure isn’t it;) If you are looking for a sit down seafood experience other than a mobile cart we recently had an exquisite meal at Villa Marina North of Ensenada. Not only is the view astounding, the food, service and presentation were top notch.

There are so many restaurants downtown as well. Restaurante Barra Azul, Boules and Manzanilla to name a few perfect places to enjoy Baja cuisine. You can choose award winning plates or fish tacos, your choice…damn, I’m starting to salivate, might be time to think about dinner!

Saludos amigos and buen provecho! I think I have to stop writing about food and go back to birds, hmm…would that be chicken? We did drive by a Korean place called “I Love Chicken”, maybe we should go! Hasta pronto!

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