The best breakfast. no wait, and lunch, and dinner? Where do I start? Baja of course!

What better way to start your day than sitting down next to a few Storm Troopers or Darth Vader, wait, that was just a picture;) Huevo Republic is the place to start. Located right on the road from Ensenada to San Antonio de La Minas this treasure will bring a smile to your face and you will leave rubbing a happy tummy providing you can find a seat! Weekends are packed, weekdays a bit easier!

The whimsy and wonderful sense of sci-fi humour along with the attentive service will keep you coming back! I think I need to try every dish, this could take a few months;) Love their bathroom doors! Now for some lunch…How about real thin crust wood fired pizza? Casa Don René- Calle Tercera, Av. Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas y, Chapultepec walking distance from Estero Beach Hotel.

On Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday all day you can choose from their delicious menu of Italian and Mexican thin crust pizzas cooked in their amazing wood fired oven. Pizza al Pastor was to die for, pepperoni hit the spot, all served in a beautiful natural setting that is a succulent and cactus garden center during the week.

This family run business is all smiles and wonderful service. Their breakfast special was outstanding, the coffee, made a non coffee drinker want to order one, that aroma! Frijoles de olla cooked over wood, their birria de borrego for three could feed an army, we ate it all and Saturday we stopped by to find a pig roasting over manzanita wood…we stayed for breakfast and took home a kilo of cochito (wood roasted pig) for dinner! Did I mention their breakfasts?

Machaca de Sonora….sigh…. The Mexican cattle industry is in the hot and dry northwestern corner of the country. In the days before refrigeration, ranchers in the Sonoran Desert would cut their beef into thin slices and hang it to dry into jerky, a fast process when it’s 110 degrees with no humidity. The result was carne seca (“dried meat”) that would later be shredded and/or re-hydrated to make machaca. Combine that with onions, peppers and scrambled eggs…heaven…It was my favourite dish as a child:) Comfort food for me. I was lucky to get pictures the forks were digging in so fast;) Now for lunch somewhere…

Tacos de pescado El Johnny...I felt like we were cheating on Lupita’s but we had to try this spot close to the mailboxes:) Mike tried the taco Gobernador, grilled shrimp, cheese and smoked marlin in a slightly crispy taco, a squeeze of lime did it. I tried the fish, and the shrimp tacos, light batter, maybe with some baking powder in it I think, and he made a shrimp taco out of just grilled shrimp as well that was out of this world! so much food, so little time. Dinner is going to have to wait! Time for a nap like this hummingbird! Stay tuned amigos and we’ll do dinner soon! Promise!!!

Nap time! I can’t eat another bite!

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