Oh, Mexico

♫♪♫ Oh, Mexico,
It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low
The moon’s so bright like to light up the night
Make everything all right ♫♪♫

~James Taylor~

El Poco Cielo-La Misión

Border crossings are always fun…not! But we have the system down fairly well, far right lane with the buses in San Ysidro, wait for the lovely customs ladies, they take a passport and the truck and trailer registrations while we proceed to the gigantic X Ray. Put the cats, all of them, whew, they are getting heavy, in the carrier and hide behind the kryptonite wall so we are not damaged by any errant rayos and then back into the truck when the “all clear” word is given and then we wait…usually after 10 minutes of exploring their x-rays they return our papers and off we go…not this time. The girl came back with a perplexed look and said they found something, no dead bodies;) but, my sinister looking cordless drill and the box of drill bits…guns and ammunition certainly…not! We opened the slidespart way enough to open the 2nd kitchen drawer and remove the scary looking drill and bits and then, Mike, what an amazing driver, had to back up back onto the ramp of the gigantic x-ray machine for a 2nd pass…all clear…and eventually we were on our way to the toll road. Note to self, next time, store drill, and bits, with the other tools in the pass through!

We decided to check out the Clam Beach RV Resort South of La Mision for a few days, always checking out new spots, beach here has always looked nice so we stopped in. A few trailers, fewer people, real 50 amp service, water and sewer and friendly owners. Wifi did not work in the campground but the owners assured it was available in the club house but we did not try. A few sites back onto the beach but we chose a bit longer one a few spots down. Lot’s of work going into this place but a bit too much concrete for us. Beach was lovely, lot’s of wading birds but too much traffic noise from the Mexico 1, the wall helps but we need a bit more wild, and cat cover;) they are not savannah cats they keep telling us, they want jungle! trees! but a modern spot for those looking to sit on the beach, or surf it seems, we are still discussing what makes an “RV park” a “resort” but we have come away with no answer to that one;)

Mike was not going to cook for a few days he declared and wanted tacos, and huevos rancheros and margaritas, and more tacos, not necessarily in that order! We found some tacos in La Mision for dinner and breakfast at La Fonda in the morning and margaritas at Poco Cielo the next night…ah, Mexico:) Passed by La Casa Gótica for a few shots of the amazing and somewhat bizarre and chaotic artwork, dubbed the Satan house by some Bible toting folks it is a wild and crazy mishmash of cultures and ideas, Gods and Goddesses, sea creatures, angels and gargoyles, something for EVERYONE and absolutely fabulous!

There were quite a few beach and wading birds, a flycatcher in the scrubby bushes, Plovers nimbly running from one small dune to the next. I’ll need to brush up on my ID skills for all these wading birds! The sound of the surf was a welcome change to the fighter jets and massive helicopters that had been the massive sound pollution in Santee the last few days. Sigh, it was nice, even with the quintessential sound of the Mexican trucker’s jake brake every 2nd truck;) Good to be back in Baja!

Groot was indeed quite happy to be back at Estero Beach, his old stomping grounds:) We backed in perfectly to our spot at the end and Groot delighted in sniffing about and having a hissing spat with Benito, the local orange Tomcat, “How rude!” said Groot, Gamora was ready to take him and Rocket didn’t back down as well. Poor Benito snuck off, not having impressed anyone;) He patrols the back wall and looks in our big window most nights;)

We’ve missed this view:)

The sound of surf and birds:) Wonderful. It is amazingly quiet here for being in the city, yet you can walk to the corner store for groceries, and tacos of all kinds and cocteles de camarón, ceviche;) and yes, we will be eating copious quantities of tacos Mike has proclaimed!

The feasting has begun;) and the birding. The estuary is home to thousands of birds. Both permanent residents, as well as migrating ones:) It is a delight to follow the tides and patterns of these many inhabitants on the shore and inland!

At high tide the Willets circle in the hundreds looking for places to land. The Egrets fly from shore to shore, chasing each other away from the prime fishing spots. The Snowy gets chased off by the Reddish Egret, who in turn gets chased away by the Great Egret who in turn gets chased away by the Great Blue Heron! So much drama;) And the Tri-coloured and Black Crowned Night Herons have yet to make an appearance! Heronville;)

…and that is just the Egrets and Herons. We’ll save something for next week, we will need a bit of walking to burn off that turkey and coconut cream pie that was requested;) Solstice has come and gone, the days are now getting longer, slowly but surely and we won’t feel like it is 10 pm when it is 5, more time to poke about the shoreline and beyond.

It has been a bit of a tough year, well, really tough. Hard to say Goodbye to my father, he is missed, by so many. I am so thankful for the wonderful family and friends we do have, we are so fortunate to count them in our lives, and our little and big four footed ones. From angels to little devils they are what bring us so many smiles every day. I’ll leave you with a little devil, sleeping…he came to us when I really needed some joy in my life, and I am so grateful to what sent him, his energy, his photons to interact with ours. From our trailer to you, wherever you are, we wish you peace and happiness and remember it comes with all the little things in our lives, things money can’t buy:)

Felices fiestas para ti:) whatever your religion or beliefs maybe! May Peace be with you.

Saludos amigos and see you next year! ha!

Sweet dreams little Rocket

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