Hello 2020

As we jump into a new decade, fraught with the perils of other people’s choices, war and hate, great human loss and grief for so many I realize just how lucky we are to breath in the air we do, have clean water to drink, look at the magnificent wildlife we share our lives with and the good friends that make every day a wonder. It could all disappear so quickly…

How is it as a species we managed to visit this amazing moon so many decades ago and the joint efforts of so many nations helping each other. How has greed consumed so many, entitlement and the fact so many are felt owed something? Where did it all go so wrong? As a child the border crossing into Nogales said “Welcome to Mexico” and on the way back “Welcome to the USA”…no gate, no guards, what happened? Can we go back? Where did all the fear come from? “Be safe” seems to be the new “See you later”, or “Have a wonderful trip”. Do we spend our lives avoiding mega stores, schools and churches, all public open air gatherings for fear that some lunatic with an assault weapon is mad and/or deranged and is going to have their revenge on the unknowing public? I don’t know and I’m not sure there is an answer as so many things are so deeply rooted. The fear, the racism, the disappointment, the anger, yes, so much anger…it breaks my heart.

I turn to the natural world for solace and answers sometimes, which so many seemed divorced from. The trend towards urban living has left so many people out of the loop of nature. It can teach us so much, and it also is a wake up call. After all our enlightening renaissances and so called civilization we are ultimately, mammals. We are territorial, we fight, we kill, sadly not just to eat anymore but for pleasure it seems, we do not seem to have learned much, the same mistakes and wars seem to happen over and over again. As a Sci-fi fan I often hope for some alien intervention to remove all weapons/banish hate before we do completely destroy this beautiful planet and the other amazing and wonderful non human inhabitants, plants and trees we share it with. I long for hope, but often feel dismay, so much dismay that reading the news becomes a herculean task. I have to resort to the Far Side on a daily basis before I wade through the ridicule that is politicians and celebrities;)…sigh…audible sigh…only time will tell if we are able to react as a species to save what is our pale blue dot…the only earth we know.

January 5th moon

We try to share this view when seeing and conditions let us and it has been a good week of sharing. Maybe some spark will form in the mind of a youngster that will allow us to move beyond our current mindset and embrace tolerance worldwide…just maybe, it is possible.

Saludos y abrazos amigos! Live, love, nurture….

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