The “me” people…go back to your safe worlds


At the end of my life, whenever that may be, I’ll have no regrets. I try to live my life with a passion and spirit. I don’t expect safety nets and guaranteed results, I build with my hands and use my mind to do what I do, be it photographing and learning more of the craft, or looking back at the amazing building we have done at the ranch with the help of many non “me” people. Humble people, who take the time to think about someone else, offer them food, when they have little, or their time when things do not go right. They often get taken advantage of, these nice people sadly it what seems like a world of burgeoning “me” folk. The US is currently being run by one of these types of humans, and others seem to worship and admire this kind of animal. the money-making animal…

They are like the Rufous of the hummingbird world ( though nowhere near as cute) 🙂 everything revolves around them with no consideration for anyone else they may be affecting…it is a sad commentary that these people exist all over the globe, some more in some countries than others, privileged people…educated people pursuing PhD’s and being successful financiers, well, they think they are, or someone perhaps has told them they are…

They are dead inside, from fear, from taking any risk, so much fear, Maybe that is what drives this type of person. Fear. So very sad to see but Karma has a way of dealing with things in the world.

I’d like to say I’m a trusting person, I’m not, but I can be accommodating and compromising. But maybe no more, perhaps I should take a stance more often and demand what I think is right, and walk away from what seems unethical. Think more about me? no, us…:) I’ve been used, and it doesn’t feel nice when that happens but it generally clears the way to move on to something better and brighter, which it has, strange how that can happen:)

Saludos amigos-peace to all-live a life you love:)1-18-Long exposure



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