Baja-so much beauty in the light

1-22-18 nanpa

It has to do with light doesn’t it, ask any photographer, amateur or professional and that will be the number one thing we think about, light, and its magical ways of transforming everything it touches. From shadows to illumination, I chase it, hunt it and try to capture the way it works. Now having a spectacular landscape set out in front of you doesn’t hurt does it. Our trip up the mountainside in the mid day light left me feeling disappointed, everything seemed flat, but as soon as the late day shadows started to arrive it was transformed. Layers upon layers appear in the distance as the low clouds reflect the last colour of the day…truly magical.


And then what happens when we add water and reflections…oh my…a whole new dimension unfurls before us as colours dance across the beach and estuary and colours shimmer across the sky. Light, magical light! Baja is so diverse, you can go from the beach in Camalu to the top of the Sierra de San Pedro Martír to see Picacho del Diablo in an hour and a half…0 to 10,157 feet…remarkable.

This is an enchanted land, all this less than 200 miles South of San Diego. and the food, and the people, and those smiles in the street, genuine smiles. We can live with so little and be happy, it is a lesson many of us need to learn.

Playa Santa Maria

Playa Santa Maria

You can have your choice of beaches as well…this is Playa Santa Maria south of San Quintin at El Pabellon El Pabellon…the crowds are…missing;)

Lengueta arañosa

Lengueta arañosa

or, if you are looking for white sand beaches and…no crowds…Lengueta Arañosa opposite Estero Beach, you can walk for a few miles, sometimes you might meet someone:)

Bahia Camalu

Bahia Camalu

or maybe you want to sit on the cliff tops and watch the birds and surf and rainbows, Cueva del Pirata in Camalu would be your choice.

The long and winding road

The roads will be long, and curvy, most likely full of pot holes, you won’t be travelling too far, too fast but isn’t that the best way to go? Where you can have a California Condor wave good night to you as you head down the long and winding road:)

Saludos amigos-stay tuned.


If you are interested in the flora and bird life at 5000′ in the Sierra de San Pedro Martír at Baja Dark Skies check out the below links:)

San Pedro Martir Wildflowers            Sierra de San Pedro Martír birds

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