A day fishing with the Great Egret

Sometimes pictures say so much more than words can:) Sitting on the stone seawall watching this Great Egret, Ardea albain the late day light was fascinating. So much work for such a small fish, tapas, must be better than a buffet:)

I see it!

I think I see a snack!



Did we get it?

Did we get it?


It's a tiny minnow!

It’s a tiny minnow!


Just a tiny morsel

Hang on to it!

Down the hatch!

A flip and down the hatch….

2018-03-05 175AS

Now on to the next minnow….fishing with an Egret:)

One thought on “A day fishing with the Great Egret

  1. We had trumpet swans fly over a couple of nights ago they should have stayed put where they were cause I can’t see across the lake they will find open water as the pumps are in the lake everywhere trying to keep open water to save docks but that picture Pam you caught was like a needle in a haystack how wonderful thank you what a beautiful bird👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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