Vive la différence

We met a lovely Canadian couple here camping and spent several evenings socializing and sharing camping stories and information over glasses of wine, and Pernod. I say Canadian because they are, Christine is from England, and Robert is from France, with Spanish origins…but they are Canadian. We discussed what separates Canadians from Americans at times and Robert hit in on the head when he said, you can be in a roomful of Canadians, and every one of them can be from another country, hardly ever is that the case in the US. Vive la différence he said, what a wonderful way of looking at Canadians. Perhaps that was truer to the point several generations ago in the US, but not so much now it seems, especially among RV’ers. They tend to be a homogenous crowd at times.

We cherish our times spent in National Parks, it gives us that “vive la différence” feeling, hearing other languages, sharing stories from other places and listening and learning about other cultures, something we should all spend time doing. It is delightful!

Baja is like that as well, it has attracted an international crowd of visitors and residents at times. Not many people are actually “from” Baja, yes of course, there are many born and raised here and unless your forefathers came over with the Jesuits or the Spanish soldiers in 1697 or if you are of indigenous origins you are probably a new comer to this peninsula, it is a fairly new state, entering into the Estados Unidos de Mexico in 1952 previously it was a territory. Maybe that is why we enjoy it so much.

The differences, the food is a fine example, from Japanese/Baja cuisine at SEKI, to delicious Greek dishes at Taberna Dimitri’s in Valle de la Guadalupe to the fusion of Mexican at Boules. Mexicans LOVE food, perhaps that is also why we enjoy being here so very very much:) With our friends the conversation always shifts to eating. Is there a bad taco? Perhaps, but hard to find here if you look for a crowd at a foodstand, chances are it is very good:) Damn…I’m getting hungry, always seem to want to go eat something delicious here or enjoy a glass of vino tinto, it’s 11am, maybe I’ll wait on the tinto, but lunch is coming up soon, how about a shrimp cocktail, or…ceviche de pulpo…

Pulpo ceviche

I’m off to eat lunch now-Saludos amigos and remember….Vive la différence!!!!

April 2039CSs

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  1. I envy you and your adventures. It is wonderful to connect with folks. I had a fabulous experience in New Orleans many years ago with a group of my students. We were welcomed and embraced wherever we went. Even serenaded with a few Nova Scotian songs our first night there. I so enjoyed sharing great conversations with my Cajun cousins ( I am descended from Acadian). Baja sounds wonderful!!! I am really enjoying your photos 🙂

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