Those first daffodils and sweet peas send shivers up and down my spine, Spring-please…the latest bit of rain will let life explode as the temperatures warm during the day and the hummingbirds will be wild. So much bad news in our world, guns, death…I think I’ll simply try to focus on what is right with our world. Not that these guys are exactly peace mongers, they fight quite viciously for their territories and ladies.


…at least it is hand to hand, er, I mean beak to beak…so far I have not seen any gun-toting hummingbirds, that’s a relief;) I often wonder what is wrong with a society that feels the need to arm itself to the teeth, and does not think twice about taking lives over pocessions or material things. It’s all just stuff and these weird things we call beliefs, that we are somehow better than some other human being because of our race, or religion, or who the hell knows what…the current trend in Christianity seems to not exactly be following its own rules about brotherly love…or any of its sacred commandments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Christian, I don’t believe in any organized religion, if that is your thing, I respect that, but the only thing I can worship is this amazing world we live on…our pale blue dot…that amazing planet called Earth.


I saw a great cartoon last week, can’t find it now, of Darwinist’s going door to door, preaching evolution, at least it made me smile:) not much in our current world that does but I hope that the next generation gets to marvel at the same things we have…the animals, the wild, the moon and planets…


The fact we flew to the moon…gives me hope, not that we want to run away from this amazing planet we live on, just that we may find some hope in exploration, not wars, not greed, not in bipartisan politics but in curiosity and a longing for knowledge…a thirst that can be something bigger than us…there is still hope:) I hope:(

Saludos amigos, a bientot! We did go here:)


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