Only five weeks until Winter….0_0

I think I need to talk to Mother nature….she’s early!

I was going to go for a paddle…

The cats were out exploring, when the flakes started coming down with a vengeance they made a bee-line for the door, “LET us IN!” Sensible beasts! I grabbed the umbrella afterwards and sat with it shielding the lens as I watched the birds come and go. Note to self, time to get the winter boots out!

I had to grab the camera and wander around for awhile. There is something magical about those big heavy snowflakes swirling about. They cover everything so quickly with that soft coat of winter. It melted as quickly as it fell on the warmth of the ground. I thought about going for a walk but remembered it was hunting season and I didn’t feel like coming home with bullet holes in me;) It’s actually been pretty quiet this year but hey, why risk getting shot when you don’t have too. Guess I should get rid of that hat with antlers on it;)

I’d been hoping to take a paddle out into the bay, the Mergansers have arrived in droves, at sunrise it was clear. Not today but I did get some shots from the dock. Not much light. I love to watch how they hunt/fish together. They don’t as much swim across the lake surface but hydroplane on their bellies pushed with their feet! Very cool. Sometimes they dive only to resurface like a submarine, their necks and heads being the snorkel. The otters are back as well. I could hear them chirping, they sound like birds at times! Three of them, sitting on the old cedar eating a fish until Mike went down and they scooted. I’ll have to spend some time camped out on the dock to see up close I think.

Then there was the swimming deer a few days ago. I thought Mike had seen a bobcat in the front yard as he was saying “UPUPUPUP!!!! LOOK!!!” I was sipping on my morning coffee, got me leaping out of the chair, What, where? LOOK! WTF….hahahahahaha! Why there is a paddling deer nonchanlantly cruising along. It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s not a moose or mighty mouse or Superman but our local one antlered White Tail buck deciding he might try the Wim Hof method of cold water bathing for inflammation! He’s actually probably just evading some hunters or a pack of coyotes hopefully! That’s a first from the deck! He swam across the entire lake!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s not a moose or mighty mouse or Superman but our local one antlered White Tail buck

May the force be with him through these last few days of hunting season, he’s not very wild and trimmed all my hosta’s leaves this Spring:) I told him I didn’t need a gardener but he kept at it anyway;)

So, I’ll have to rely on the clouds, reflections and mother natures palette at sunrise for some brightness and colour. Not a bad way to start the day:) It was above freezing 1°, not quite an end to pyjama photography just need to add a robe! Saludos amigos, now where did I put those winter boots away anyway?! Ha!

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