Almost time to bid 2021 Goodbye!

I have to admit, even -16° can’t stop me with this kind of colour! I missed the peak by the time my brain got revving up and I donned several layers of clothing over my pyjamas and the winter boots hats and gloves….absolutely magical:) The shiny ice was reflecting the pinks, like a psychedelic cotton candy dream;) ha!…the otters looked like they had a wild drunken otter party on the dock, footprints, er, otterprints and snow pushed all about and rolled in…guys really! What about my pristine snow shots! C’mon! And when I came back to the house this was my greeter…he doesn’t ever look pleased when I go out alone…not that he ever gets to come with me this early but I sense disapproval here! ha!

I do not approve! Come inside immediately and bribe me with treats!

As we watch December slip away, Omicron is starting to make headway into our little part of the world. Numbers as high as they have ever been, friends and their family in contact with ones who are sick, then worried and not wanting to pass it on, to anybody! Strange times we live in. I don’t think we can allow ourselves to live in fear, but we don’t have to be dumb asses about it either…limit your gatherings, wear a mask, get your booster, live long and prosper people! Our neighbouring Airbnb clients weren’t too worried this morning, an entire family was cavorting out on the ice, it was water 10 days ago. Was wondering if I was going to have to call 911 at any point, now they…are being dumb asses…..;) Don’t be a dumb ass;)

The reason Rocket has his leash on…he’s a dumbass;) at least if he goes out on the ice I can reel him in like floppy fish if he falls through! These shots were 10 days ago…lots of open water, and some ice on our shallow bay. He changed his mind, then the ice cracked and he’s sure it’s a cthulhu cat killer out there groaning;)

He might be a dumb ass but hey, would you want to face a groaning ice demon wearing a snazzy plaid suit…I thought not;) It was breakfast time anyway:)

We have continued our yoyo weather pattern, from -16° to well above freezing, from snow to freezing rain…just lovely…not;) We’ve salt and sanded the icy spots on the hills but you aren’t going to go tearing around the corners at any speed, anytime soon;) It’s a wee bit slippy out there, love my new strap ons, ha! Rubber boot bottoms with spikes, get your mind out of the gutter! Makes for some carefree walking on otherwise treacherous roads! They said Winter would be fun…the jury is still out!

I have had some fun with my sole martini glass and Bond, Blue Jay Bond. He is quite co-operative, very handsome, I think we have the next Bond for the films;) The Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Mrs, only, has been around a fair bit as well Mr. Pileated. Always impressive seeing him:) and we have had flocks of beautiful American Goldfinches! I posted a picture of them on one of our wonderful Brome Bird Feeders that I had won in a contest a few years ago, and a wonderful person from Brome sent me one for free! It is a beautiful feeder! If you are looking for bird feeders I really recommend them, they are well built, they stand behind their products and are wonderful to work with, check out their great bird photography contests as well! We packed them around for four years in the 5th wheel and the only mishap was when I left my favourite one at a New Mexico State Park! I called them and they said they would use it in their bird feeder area! It lives on!

We have had our usual cast of characters at the feeders. No sign of any Redpolls yet. I did wake up one morning squinting out the window, what are all those white heads? Three Bald eagles were on the edge of the ice, two adults and a juvenile. When I slipped out to take a picture two flew away but one stayed and finished eating it’s breakfast. Always amazing to see these huge birds. We had a quiet morning a few days ago, looked up and saw why, a Sharp Shinned Hawk was waiting for the buffet to open;) Not a squirrel to be seen;)

The Pileated Woodpecker has put in a few appearances. Too bad they don’t eat squirrels;) Am I mean? They are porculas of their weird rat like race. They have become quite large! It has been my mandate to put them all on a diet this coming year. Rerigging bird feeders and creating areas they can not access…mwahahahahaha! Now they can clean up everything they have tossed about! Clean up your room!

We caught glimpse of the fox the other evening. Gamora the cat, was racing from window to window, very excited, tail very big, and there was the beautiful fluffy tailed fox when I turned on the outside lights helping itself to the remnants of the chicken carcass I put in the compost. Nothing wasted here! It was great CAT TV. The porcupine is back as well, I haven’t seen him/her in person but the chewed on white pine branches lying on the gravel road are a good indication it has been up there snacking!

When your tail becomes a snow shelter!

…and there is that ever changing lake. From open water, to thin ice, to snow and back to ice, it never ceases to take my breath away:)

Every morning is a different view, well it was dumb asses this morning, hopefully they might think twice before they leave and stick to the shore, or they can check the water temperature for me;) Just after they got off the ice it went through a serious lake ice singing and groaning as the sun hit it…impressive audio!

I’ll leave you with a shot of the full moon rising last week. Damn it was cold, that wet, damp, cold cold;) The reflections were just too beautiful not to go out, even if I didn’t last too long!

Saludos and abrazos amigos, stay warm and remember…don’t be dumb asses;) See you next year…or maybe sooner;)

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