It’s coming! Winter! Getting inventive:)

Am I waiting for snow, I have to guiltily admit yes, after the leaves go the grey gets to me and that first fresh layer of snow is so bright and beautiful, then I have to shovel it and I’m over it ha! Not really! The photo opportunities start! Yeah! My collection of thrift store mugs, candle holders and miscellaneous items are begging to be used in the snow!

Just a little bit of snow please;) ha! I guess it is the process of taking these images I enjoy so much and also the smile it can put on anyone’s face! The Blue Jays are a real crowd pleaser.

We have here the reflective, polite one…who hops over casually, inspects the peanuts for the nicest specimen and selects one, before flying off to a branch to eat it…then there are the piggies…

This guy tried to stuff every last peanut in the jar into his gob, it was most amusing to watch, especially the dropping of one peanut out of his mouth as he tried for another one…maybe I’m just easily amused but watching nature at work is truly delightful!

A trip to the Real Deal Store in Smiths Falls is always fun! Just the amazing recycled artwork at the front is worth a visit! The time and effort in these pieces is amazing! Inside they have loads of treasure and even building materials and a tool lending library!

In Smiths Falls the Real Deal Store opposite the railway museum is always fun! Love this wall art they have there as well! So much wonderful imagination of what can be done with everyday objects and other people’s junk☺️

Their free table has many wonderful finds if you are looking to be creative! I’m now the proud owner of one martini glass! Yeah! Or for 50¢ you can feel like a big spender! If anyone sees an elf, hand outstretched to put seed in it, let me know!!!! Maybe a garden gnome…ideas, ideas!!!

It keeps me out of trouble…mostly;) That and getting up way too early to photograph the Little Red Canoe:) Saludos amigos, remember, it is mostly the little things in life that bring us the most pleasure…keep it simple! Abrazos! More frosty pictures soon to come! ha!

Our first hard frost and mists, just so very beautiful!

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