The amazing world of colour:) Nice to share with friends

Light is such an everchanging beautiful visitor. In the morning, the soft colours promise tranquility and peace before the caffeine in the coffee lets my brain get wilder;) Light, water and reflections…sigh, this is my dream and here I get to live in it. I have so much to learn about photography. I know the basics, how to set my camera (well, most of the time, the disasters get deleted! Ha! You never get to see those!) I shoot usually in manual, RAW files, that allow me to correct my many mistakes, but sometimes they just come out of the camera just as I see them and then I get that “Wow!” feeling…not often! hahahahaha! I keep an eye on the white balance, too blue and things look cold, too orange and things look like they came out of a forest fire, it can be a delicate back and forth to find just how it looks to your eye. My goal is to try to capture what I see.

A few years back I joined a photo group called Color Chase Challenge on Facebook and Instagram-each month we have a colour and we have to try to photograph it. A lovely lady posted this colour wheel and as I looked back on the photos I really liked, they had some of this in them. You can deviate back and forth a few slices but it really is a great tool when you go to look. I admit most of the time I get lucky, I didn’t plan the steel blue sky and orange leaves, but they were there for me and I thought of this wheel!

The wind and rain have since come, and gone, and we are looking at a lot less leaves. I wanted to revisit a road with a friend who had come to stay a few days and the canopy was gone:( too late, but we saw so many other beautiful scenes, mostly in our back yard.

The morning after Joanne arrived, it was calm, warm and we couldn’t pass up a chance at a paddle around the lake. Yes, T-shirt weather mid October, we left our jackets on the dock! The reflections were beautiful, some areas had a light breeze, others in the wind shadow were glass like, a fabulous bit of Fall scenery. It is not a big lake, just under 3km long and 600 meters at it’s widest, it is fed by a number of small tributaries, what comes in, flows out at the other end:) The boat launch is car top and canoe only, for those that can read, which isn’t always the case, but for the most part it is pretty darn quiet. We ran into two other canoes…frig, a traffic jam!;)

There are 5 islands on the lake-we saw the bald eagle in the distance, his white head visible in a pine tree, as we paddled down the east side of the lake. When we came around the corner on our way back and spotted him he flew off to another tree to resume his fishing after we paddled by. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Mike got to tail us like a bodyguard, ha! He said next time he’d trade me for the sit on kayak! Seems it is a lot more work than the canoe to paddle;)

They went out paddling in the canoe! All of them! Are they going to come back and feed us?

Covid has been hard, family and many friends live so far away. It was such a treat to see a wonderful friend, British Columbia isn’t half way around the world but it is more than a few days drive;) I think some days we have forgotten how to socialize, but no, I think we still can do that:) I hope it won’t be a few years between our next visit! I know it won’t! It was wonderful to spend time with an old friend, we have known each other since our childhood sailing about the globe…who knew, 45 or more years later we would get a chance to paddle around this lake together:) No gravol or dramamine needed;) Be safe my friend, and until our next visit! We’ll keep that canoe bailed out;) Abrazos!

Good morning Long lake! The Little Red canoe is waiting for it’s next adventure:)

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