Colour me Fall! Happy Thanksgiving Canada

There is something about that late day light, the water turns glassy smooth and the reflections make you wonder what is up, and what is down and the colours glow! Fall is a glorious time and we have been lucky, no snow, no frost or freezing temperatures yet, not the Canada I left 14 years ago;) ha! I have enjoyed this weather, these early Fall swims in the morning fog, and afternoon glow. It is hard not to just jump into the canoe and paddle away down the lake every time it is like this! We need to get Groot out for some Fall fishing and a tour!

Whether it is completely clear, or scattered clouds, each has it’s own beauty. Where the golds and reds intersect with the green of the pines the colours seem to pop even more. What wonder nature bestows upon us! As Summer fades into Fall, the days start getting shorter and there is less sunlight. This is the signal for the leaf to prepare for winter and to stop making chlorophyll. Once this happens, the green color starts to fade and the reds, oranges, and yellows become visible. Shutting down until Spring:) Magical!

Some friends have recently toted the benefits of cold water therapy so given my joints and bones are not as supple and springy as they once were a bit of anti-inflammation soaking seemed in order! I also decided to clean the entire 5th wheel trailer, all 38′ both sides, slides and windows, it was in a dusty state, a cloudy warm day seemed to be the best day to get this done, maybe I overdid it, but it is shiny now;) ha! It’s those first few steps down the ladder, breathe in, exhale slowly, take another step down, repeat…now this particular day, the water was warmer than the ambient outside temperature which made it that much easier! I was going somewhere warmer, at least I told myself that. Water temperature 15° C ( 59°F) that is a wee bit chilly…air temperature 12°C (53°F)…a wee bit bracing unless you kept swimming! The Muskrat popped up to see who the hell was in here with him but dove before I managed a shot…

The beaver slapped his tail across the bay at me as well, seems they don’t approve of my infiltrating their territory this late in the year;) Thought they had gotten rid of us humans…ha! not yet! I think I will keep this up, the dash up the stairs certainly warms you up but I haven’t felt cold yet, not sure how long I will do this, perhaps until I turn too blue, not sure if I fancy ice chipping for a dip…I’ll keep you posted!

Walking down the road, or even across the rocks, you can’t help but step on mushrooms. The rain and fog have given rise to these amazing displays. The yellow patches and blue indigo milkcap were out of this world! Those colours! Hard to miss on the forest floor! They dot the roadside, some hiding under ferns, others out in the open, others growing out of trees and stumps. The wonderful world of fungi! Our Spring was so dry we missed this glorious display of shape and colour bursting out! I call these my Fall flowers;) Other than a few Dahlias still going strong the wildflowers are fading quickly, a few bits of goldenrod and late lilac coloured asters are providing food for the bees. A bumblebee spent a few rainy days curled up in a dahlia flower for an umbrella as it was downturned. The remaining flowers are busy! Feeding frenzy before hibernation sets in, or a demise…0_0 

Bumblebees do not maintain colonies throughout the winter I have read. Instead, the last brood of the summer colony will contain a number of queens. Each of these queens will mate and then find a safe nesting place in which to spend the winter. This is usually just a small hole in the ground or another protected spot just big enough for her. Only the queen bumble bees hibernate until spring arrives. The rest of the colony dies….:( goodbye all my little hardworking bumblebee boys….We’ll await the queens in the Spring!

Time for another paddle, or maybe a walk…what to do, what to do? Holiday Mondays! I hope this weather sticks around for a few more weeks. The leaves are starting to Fall, they cover the road like a soft brown and gold blanket. Time to get out and try to catch a few more colours, those darn Blue Jays never land where I want them to! Maybe the Chickadees will be more cooperative;) I hope all my Canadian friends got to spend some time with friends and family and those they love enjoying some harvest feasting. We have much to be thankful for in our very privileged part of the world…we need to remember that:) Hug those you love often and long:) Saludos amigos, abrazos, the outdoors is calling my name, I think I just saw the Blue Jays landing on the bright red sumac tree….

♫♪♫ Walking down a country road….♪♫♪

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