Gone fishin’…..

Groot is the spotter!

♫♪♫ Gone fishin’ ♪♫♪ Nobody sings that better than Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby:) Yeah, I’m not that old but I ended with my grandparents 45’s! It’s been awhile since Groot has had the chance to catch his favourite meal. “Fish! Don’t cook it, master ruin it when he cooks it!” I swear he is half Gollum;) He had to wear his gifted lifejacket, thanks Joanne, on his first trip out into the lake for awhile. He wasn’t too sure about it but when he heard the fishing reel whirl, he was happy enough! He is a wonderful cat! He only goes out when it is calm, no waves he says, no splashing with the paddle…keep up the good work human and get me some dinner!

Great bass fishing, both small and large mouth here. We see the small fishing boats slowly putting around the edges of the lake, stopping, fishing, and moving on, you can hear the laughter and glee when one gets reeled in:) They are very tasty fried in butter:)

The bay out front has a beautiful sandy bottom on the far side. It is full of very small fish as well, minnows, rock bass and yellow perch. The Loon family has been busy stuffing baby Loon with fish. As MANY as he/she can eat! Constant movement of diving, delivering, eating and starting again. Baby is getting BIG!

The eagles seems to have moved on to new fishing, baby loon hunting grounds. They still perch on the big white pine across the lake, watching, but not every day all day. It was a stressful time for Ma and Pa Loon. Lot’s of wailing and carrying on anytime the Eagle did a flyby. Glad that has calmed down! The Osprey is back now fishing as well, I imagine the eagle was protective about it’s territory!

Baby Loon is doing a lot of wing stretching, practice dives and following his/her parents around:) Papa Loon gets protective, I can hear him wailing if a boat or kayak approaches too closely. I always keep my distance, great to have the telephoto, shooting from an unstable watercraft/canoe is a whole new experience! Señor Loon only got excited when Mike reeled in a big bass! “Mine!” I’m sure he was thinking! ha!

Just to sit dead still in the water and watch these birds behavior is such a treat. They are such stunning creatures! The colours in their feathers and the patterns are spectacular. The way the water droplets bead on their feathers after a dive…gorgeous!

I’m not sure when the youngster will attempt to fly. I haven’t seen anything like that yet. It still amazes me how much of a water runway they need to take flight. They always takeoff upwind, just like airplanes try to, at times needing up anywhere form 30 meters to a quarter of a mile to get airborne! That is a lot of flapping and paddling! We’ll see how long it takes and when Ma and Pa go, do they take junior? or is he on his own…we’ll see!

In the meantime, we’ll keep watching the sunrise, taking pictures and do a lot of “Gone fishin” like our Loon family! Be kind, wear a mask and stay safe! Saludos amigos! Hoping for baby snapping turtles this coming week according to my calendar!

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