Did I just BLINK and Summer is gone?

Ha! Mother Nature has thrown all kinds of wicked weather our way this week, torrential rain, thunder that had me, and Rocket jumping and lightning I was using as a night light it was so constant, but who turned off the heat? Hello??? hahahaha!

Inquiring minds want to know;) Ha! At least we got to try out the new fireplace insert last night…very nice, that warm tile to sit a cold bottom on is lovely, the cats concur…it will be a very popular place this winter I think, and yes, I am a total whimp, cold being 10­° celcius, or 50° flintstone scale…I am really going to be whiney this Winter!!!

With the cooler morning temperatures mists have been rising off the warmer water creating an otherworldly effects with the dance of light. Where the sun rises is steadily moving South, a reminder that the days are getting shorter…

August seems to me to be the month of weird extremes. A week or so ago it was sweltering, over 30° Celsius ( 86°F) with an oppressive humidity. I woke up sweating before even exerting myself;) Mind you, the cats seemed to enjoy that heat a bit;) Makes it hard to get motivated but we do:)

The thunder storms have dropped a significant amount of rain, no watering needed on the new perennials that have started to bloom like crazy. Mushrooms have been sprouting from every possible crevice, all over the lawn and poking up through piles of leaves and out of tree trunks. Stunning variety and colours!

The baby hummingbirds are now all fierce juveniles…lots of buzzing and fighting over the three feeders:) The crocosmia lucifer flowers are in full bloom and very popular! The Purple Finches are molting and look very sad, our equivalent to the gawky spotty teenager stage of life;) There are dozens here. Not sure if they stay or move South for the Winter?

At least the deer flies have decided to wander away to the back woods, or have been eaten. The dragonflies are slowly disappearing as well, only a few skim the lake and in the gardens compared to the hundreds in the early Summer, but now we have grasshoppers and crickets, much to the cats delight. Seems they think they are quite tasty but they belong in the “scarf and barf” (thanks for that eloquent wording Jennifer, I love it!) category of foods and generally come back up still wriggling at times. ARGHHHH, hahahahaha!

Ah, August….it’s a sign when the horses are shedding out their Summer coats and the donkeys are looking sleek and sassy, and round, everyone is very round, Fall is just around the bend. All that amazing grass must be eaten now! Maya is on stall rest after misbehaving with a sore foot, Dusty is rubbing his large belly on the ground, ah, that feels good he says. Phoenix and Quizzie are very round as well:) We had to say goodbye to the beautiful Celestial Bay. Man, it just never ever gets any easier watching our old friends go. She was 28. Such a beauty. May she run with her friend Boots in fields of clover.

Time slips away so quickly, you end up scratching your head wondering where it went. Makes you realize Carpe Diem, the Latin phrase, which literally means “pluck the day,” was used by the Roman poet Horace to express the idea that we should enjoy life while we can, are words to live by:)

“Can we have more sugar cubes please?”

Saludos amigos, stay safe, turn off the damn TV and news, go outside, watch some birds or bees or butterflies;) and go smell, the hollyhocks;) or roses, or popcorn;) ha! Stay tuned for Groot’s canoe fishing trip and an update on our Loon family!

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