I’m seeing RED! Wait! and orange!

Not only are the Rose Breasted Grosbeak males and females back but a pair of Orioles with last years kids in tow, a juvenile male and female:) arrived as well! At least I think it is their kids, everyone seemed very amiable with one another, ha! Maybe they are NOT related;)

These are such delightful birds with such a glorious song and repertoire of calls. The young male was belting out a song or two happily, looking for a girlfriend no doubt!

As for the red, well, there were five male Grosbeaks all sharing the feeder late yesterday-that incredible red/pink breast is so beautiful! The Mrs. seems a bit drab after them but she is equally beautiful with her stripes and spots!

As the leaves are finally filling in the canopy the colours are changing to warmer tones in the shade. The dragonflies are out, itty bitty ones no longer than an inch, great cat snacks Groot says as he smacks his lips with delight…and as for more red, the male Pileated Woodpecker put in a visit to the tree beside us, and worked his way around it gathering food. They have been quiet, nesting I would think, but now are out in search of food!

Their size is always astounding when you get to see them up close! Dinosaurs indeed! Early Spring has turned into Summer suddenly, the memories of snow flurries seem distant but in reality, they were not long ago! Now it is 80° in Flintstone scale, 27° Celsius…whew…I can hear the steady hum of mosquitoes coming for me…sigh…

Stay tuned amigos-big changes coming on the horizon, will keep you posted!

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