Change is inevitable…

♫♪♫♪ A change would do you good,
A change would do you good,
I think a change would do you good
A change…♫♪♫ Thanks Sheryl Crow:) It would…
it has…what a month.

The Earth is being turned upside down by a pandemic and protests for what is much needed freedom from tyranny. We are in a state of great flux. The band of full time RVers we know is going through change as well. First everything closed and left many without places to go. With State, National and Provincial parks closed as well as many BLM lands many were feeling lost, and for us, given the rise of the pandemic in the US, a desire to stay put in Canada for awhile until the dust settles, if it ever will, is paramount. The last four Summers we’ve spent at Otty Lake here in Ontario have taught us much. One, we treasure our privacy, it’s not that we don’t like humans, no, that’s a lie, ha! Some people have earned our ire. We love nature more than seadoos, let’s leave it at that. C’est la vie:) Adelante!

We stumbled across this spot by accident. Taking looking for a property into our own hands we started driving about, this day to go see a cottage on a lake to the North of Perth and we took the short cut along the Long Lake Road to get there and a man was pounding in a “Coming Soon” realty sign…we stopped, and called the number of the realtor…the rest is now history. It was a bittersweet closing though, a chapter closed as a new one opened. Our old cat man, Beezil, almost 21, said it was time to go to greet his already gone brothers. I wasn’t sure I could even write this yet, my eyes tear up, 21 years with this amazing, strong, unbreakable little creature that used up every one of his seven lives, then borrowed a few more…there is a giant hole in our hearts, not sure it will ever go away, it will simply become what we are…he came home with us…

There were too many coincidences with this spot and there continue to be. The realtor rode at our barn as a kid, he even remembered the name of the evil white pony, Bilbo. The people who built the cottage, their son rode at the horse barn as well. The land was originally owned by the same couple Mike’s parents bought their farm from in 1961…many ties:) and it is, out of this world beautiful…we gasped as we walked around the log house and looked all the way down Long Lake. The new log house was open, and light, so many windows. Every room has an amazing view, and it is private. We are still pinching ourselves on a regular basis.

The rest of the traveling Mewberries are pretty pleased as well. There is a great deal of tearing and skidding about on the wooden floors, a lot more room for gallivanting kittens. There are chipmunks to chase and wildlife looking in at them, for a change;) We are in paradise I think…

So for now, we will be renaming them, the sedentary Mewberries as we sit and watch what happens in the world around us. We have some work to do here before Fall and Winter comes so there won’t be too much time to “Soak up the sun” (does Sheryl Crow have a song for everything in my life today?) but we’ll fit in a few breaks, after all, everyday is a winding road😉

We have, incredibly, taken the long way home…not an end to the Astrogypsies, but a pause…we’re working on getting Myrtle in here too, not quite yet, a kilometer of old cottage road with some twists and turns and hills will need some work, poco a poco. Stay tuned my friends, we have been welcomed by so much life here…hearts broken, hearts mending ♥

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