I thought Spring was coming…

It is usually signaled by an abundance of very, very simple minded chipmunks appearing to be oblivious of the fierce predators we have around the trailer, namely Groot and Gamora. Rocket still just looks at them with awe…How Gamora can zip out the front door, on the leash as I’m struggling to put my shoes on without falling over and catch a chipmunk before I hit the bottom of the steps is astounding…we do catch and release, I take that back, they do catch, I do release…it scrambled up a tree once I convinced her to drop it, she ran up the tree and caught it again…once more, we released it near a deep chipmunk den hole with hopes it would not come back out for awhile…

When will they learn. Rocket is convinced if he sits under the bird feeder he might just get lucky, well, he might, so much for exercise;) But back to Spring…right now, it is snowing…sigh…I was hoping for some sun, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak is back with two male kids in tow from last year I think. My they are stunning. To see all three together is a treat but only have captured one, through the window, my view to the outside world these last few days. The Goldfinches provide a pop of colour along with the Jays and Purple Finches. My hummingbird feeders are out, as well as a few oranges for the Orioles when they arrive, if they arrive, if Spring arrives…sigh…We had some sun but now that is gone…flurries…in May…0_0

The long gray days make for more boredom than usual. Rocket terrorizes Gamora and Groot at times, so much energy from this less than one year old enormous orange kitten. He has taken to climbing up on the valances of the trailer, he jumps…wowza…he is a monkey. Mike found an old fluffy black corsairs hat which he drags about growling, he killed it, it’s his. Hours of entertainment for the whole family…

The cats have their CTV, Cat TV, the bird feeder in the back window. It is visited by a variety of birds and a particularity dastardly red squirrel, I think I’ll call him Maximus, it seems a fitting title to such a nonchalant little red bugger;) “Cat, what cat? I see no cat”….

What do people without pets do nowadays in these times of stay at home? 😉 ha! If the sun comes out again soon I may have to mow the lawn! Certainly rake up the dead tree branches that have been raining down with the wind. Ah, for a flat calm day…soon, I keep telling myself, soon. I have a hankering for a lovely sunset on a flat calm lake. In the mean time I can look out the window here at the Woodpeckers, my goal is to get the Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers on the same tree…one needs goals in these times:)

I feel fortunate to have this bounty of nature in the form of feathered creatures around me. I keep seeing new ones, a Wood Thrush today! A White Throated Sparrow down at the water…I tried walking around with the camera for a short while today, amazing how that extra bit of weight of the big lens affected my balance, a bit more wobbly trying to compensate…I’ll get it eventually, perhaps stick to seated bird photography for now! I tried to run off through the bush after a pair of Ospreys nest building a few hundred feet away, that was hilarious! Missed all my camera settings in my hurry but wow! Beautiful! So worth watching a pair bringing twigs and fish to the tree, hoping they’ll stay! Less cottagers=more wildlife:) Please stay Mr. and Mrs. Osprey!

All it takes is a few feeders and some patience to sit and wait for them to arrive. I’m planning an oriole feeder, now just for temperatures where I can go outside without looking for my old down jacket;) Soon my friends, soon! Saludos amigos and stay tuned for something other than birds and cats! My small kingdom for a nice landscape;) ha! Maybe Donkeys, horses and cats;) there is even a young bandit about, otherwise known as a trash panda;) Mike saw him/her climb up one of the old dead pines and disappear into a hole:) or maybe he was just trying to get me to fall down;) “Look over there! Quickly!” does it every time;)

Stay at home-stay safe-Saludos and abrazos amigos

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