Feeling a bit Loony?

We are fortunate to not be too cooped up (that must come from “chicken coop”, or the difference between a convertible and a coupe? I will have to research this!) except by weather when we are limited to about 350 square feet with four cats;) ha! We have the opportunity to watch Mother Nature go by each day. I can see our bird feeders from where I now sit writing, squirrels scamper up the trailer ladder to a feeder on our large back window, the occasional wing beat of Asgard, our local Raven can be heard as well as he/she circles the compost looking for a snack.

The weather has started to warm up today. I sat near the water listening to the Loons singing, that haunting melody, back and forth from one Loon to another across the lake, I was hoping I’d get lucky and one might pop up nearby:) It did, in all it’s glorious breeding colour! For a bird named a Common Loon, it is uncommonly beautiful. The iridescent neck ring, the black and white striped collar and checkerboard back all are changes that happen during breeding season, putting on their finery so to speak. I saw a Common Loon in Baja one Winter, and didn’t recognize it at first!

Maybe he was just a juvenile chilling in his Winter beachwear wardrobe;) Hard to believe they are the same bird, no tuxedo or fancy ballgown;)

Almost as soon as I’d spotted the beautiful creature in front of me, he/she was gone, my usual Loon photos are usually like this;) Now you see him, now you don’t;)

So if you’re feeling a bit Loony, you’re just Canadian;) Saludos amigos, stay distanced, stay safe and stay tuned:)

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