Mother Nature, please turn on the heat!;)

It has not been the warmest Spring I can remember but it is coming according to the forecasts…please! The daffodils have started to flower at the entrance to the road, a few Trilliums are just about to bloom and bluets are popping up through the dead leaves as well as a new geranium, Thanks Aaron for the ID!

The chipmunks and squirrels are in in full form much to the delight of the cats:) I am not quite sure just how they manage to evade Groot when he is off leash but the Red Squirrels certainly seem to have a super power to do that, so far no deceased chipmunks either, he hides under the truck and waits…

One red squirrel delights in tormenting Gamora at the back window feeder…it knows it is safe;)

It is a bit of a bitter sweet Spring, this will most likely be our last one here at Otty Lake at this cottage. The partnership has not worked out, much to our disappointment, so we’ll be moving on sometime this Summer, looking for our own digs to call home for awhile.

The birds continue to arrive from the South. A slew of Purple Finches have shown up with their young ones. They are feasting on the emerging tree buds.

The Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers are busy. They are quite cheeky and one is very bold! I do talk to him from a few feet away and he remains unfazed. There are some sad pines the Pileated Woodpeckers are doing their carpentry job on and a Red Breasted Sap Sucker was hammering on the metal shed roof one afternoon as the local Northern Flicker watched from high above:)

We are looking for a spot on a lake again, hopefully a bit darker where Mike can use his telescope and we can still hear the Loons, they have been calling and their haunting melody carries across the water, such a spine tingling sound. Wherever I put bird feeders, I know birds will come:) So will our astronomy friends, they are all social distancers anyway;)

It is strange times we are living in. I think we may feel less oddness than many, our world has always been slightly isolated for the last decade from the mountains in Baja to finding quiet gems of State and Provincial parks to explore, we have preferred Mother Nature to man-made attractions and the masses of humanity. I’ve always been a bit of a misanthrope, now I’m sure I am;) hahahaha! Buying groceries has taken on a whole new spin, literally, my balance is still off, no quick head turns, I’ve told Mike PLEASE don’t yell “Look over there!” to me in an urgent voice, he calls me “Stumble-ina” love him:)

I try not to immerse myself too much in the any of the news, I find the state of humanity swinging between appalling and enthralling to heartening at times and it’s appalling portions leaves me with a heavy feeling in my gut, the ignorance and self importance of so many make me shudder. Things can not go back to normal, if they do, I think we as a species are doomed. I hope to have the opportunity to explore more of this beautiful Earth before my time comes, it seems almost more urgent now than before.

On a painful note, our old Burmese, the original Traveling Mewberry, Beezil has been having a rough time, mobility and breathing but he just keeps going, and going, and going, but it means every time he coughs I wake up, thinking, well, this is it…how do I deal with this…then he fills his face with a bowl of food and starts to purr and I am left there, speechless, once again, just how many lives does this venerable older gentleman have left? My heart aches at the prospect of losing him but when his time does come, I know he has lived an amazing life, traveled more than some people I know and brought so much joy to our lives…here is to a few more days:)

I long for the green of Spring, it is coming, but on a rainy day such as today, it seems a long way off and my heart is heavy but that rain is helping. I see red buds forming on the trees overhead and the light is changing, longer days and quiet nights…Hurry up Mother Nature! I implore you;) Stay Tuned:)

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