I do believe that is a wee little bear cub!

I believe they were not quite sure what the heck that ugly black dog like looking creature with the long snout was but Rocket’s tail was five times it’s normal size and he knew it wasn’t about to be his play buddy;)

Something about Spring. The little fellow didn’t look in bad shape but seemed young to out and about on his own. Maybe Mom has new cubs and he/she was evicted, Momma bear didn’t get the “No-eviction Covid memo”….

We don’t see bears here often, last year a young Quebecois couple saw a bear at the entrance to the road and it was possibly the most exciting thing he had ever seen he proclaimed! Made me smile, we humans need a lot more of nature on a regular basis. This little tyke shuffled about, sniffed the truck and surrounding area while the cats gaped out the window, then took off at a gallop when he heard something that spooked him.

But, lo and behold, as we were walking the cats a bit later I thought I caught a Black Squirrel out of the corner of my eye but no, into the driveway ambled our little friend. Groot became very big, and took a lunge in his direction on the leash, poor little bear had one look at the fierce Groot and ran away down the driveway at top speed, I think Groot was quite chuffed…love this word…

chuffed/CHəft/Learn to pronounceadjectiveINFORMAL•BRITISH

  1. very pleased.”I’m dead chuffed to have won”

He had chased away the bear:) Doing his job, protecting the servants from danger he said;) That afternoon everyone crashed out, obviously exhausted from watching and chasing the bear cub, Rocket was hogging Beezil’s bed as normal….these guys:) Never a dull moment;)

Saludos amigos, stay tuned! Someone turned the heat off up here in Ontario and we need Mother Nature to turn it back on, sunshine please…soon! This beautiful bear was from a couple of years back, he/she was about twice as large and yes, I take in the bird feeders at night now;)

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