That familiar feeling….

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” Maya Angelou

Home, it evokes a certain quality of life, a familiar set of surroundings, friends, running into acquaintances at the grocery store, or avoiding them;) ha! I’m not sure at times whether this is my home or not but it’s the closest I have come to understanding that feeling. I see it in Mike’s face as we get closer and closer…He was born and raised here, I understand how deep those roots run and how joyful the return to them can be.

It was wonderful to back into our new gravel pad we layed out last year, hooked up to the sewer (no dragging the portable tank around) plugged into the 30 amp outlet on the bunkie but the water, well, that was another matter. May 4th…that water was cold, so cold after diving down at one point over my head the only thought was to crawl out on the dock as quickly as I could to try to catch my breath…We secured the inlet and with help from Regan got the pump primed and up and running as well-all the luxuries of life complete!

Yes, the bird feeders went up as soon as the landing pads were down;) Groot and Gamora knew exactly where they were as well and their tails trilled as they poked about, stalking chipmunks and squirrels:)

Gamora encountered a bullfrog and had a wonderful time following it about, gently touching it with her paw until big brother Groot came over and deemed it inedible;) She then sat down next to it and chilled for awhile! The small furry rodentia were busy cleaning up after the birds and trying to help themselves as well. A blonde morph black squirrel put on quite a show!

All of what makes this feel like home, the familiar:) On the land and in the water. The Canada Goose family was about, only seven goslings this year (last year was 12!) as well as a pair of Loons, poor birds were covered in Loon specific blackflies! I sympathize deeply with them! My hope is one day to see some babies:) Time to get into the canoe and go exploring in the shallow bays:)

The nature here is what brings me back. The busy Summer weekends with boats and jet skis flying about the water hold no charm for me. I really don’t care if you have a new boat, a big boat or a canoe. I don’t judge people by what they have, but how they act. Perhaps it is the lack of humans here during so much of the week that makes this place so beautiful. The quiet passing of a kayak does not disturb the loon, the roar of boat engines does get them calling mid-day when you would not normally hear them, they are protesting. Humans see so little it seems. The troubling times with our planet. We are surrounded by entitlement and the never ending case of “convenience”. We try to do our part, appalled at over packaging, I don’t buy that product anymore and actually tell the company why, how else will they learn? We can drive change as consumers, don’t buy single serving water bottles, read the ingredients on the packages, bring your own cup to Tim Hortons my friends…break the mold of convenience…our world depends on it. There is no planet B….

These are the things that keep me up at night sometimes…There is so much good in our world, and so much evil…most of which is just ignorance at times. Be aware, be kind, don’t judge ( except for bad Airbnb guests hahahaha!) remember everyone else out there could be having a much worse day than you could even imagine. Make room in your life for nature and ask how can you protect and nourish the world around us vs using it as a resource…It is the only planet we have:)

Saludos amigos! Stay tuned, maybe for blog on good and bad Airbnb guests and a good laugh at ourselves…humour can be the best medicine!

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  1. Your Photos are Fantastic Pam. This time a very familiar subject, you showcase them so beautifully. Thanks for sharing. Welcome Home xo

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