Recovering his Mojo, living life with Groot

Maybe we both needed some time to see, and appreciate the good things in life. The fire in Baja threw me for a loop, realizing there are incredibly stupid jerks, but also really amazing people out there and we sometimes tend to fixate on the negative when we are tired and overwhelmed.

Same with Groot. While I was repairing damage in Baja, Groot got stung by a bumblebee, in the bum…poor monkey. It entailed a trip to the vet, having his temperature taken for the first time, yes, that elicited a hiss, wouldn’t you? Don’t think the vet warmed up that rectal thermometer;)

He went from being an extremely happy, wildly ambitious, tree climbing, chipmunk chasing teenage cat to a quivering recluse, hiding and running away at the simple sound of a buzzing fly. It was heart aching to see the trauma one nasty bite did…but time, the greatest healer of all is coming through for both us. It’s taken a few chipmunk chases and spending hours on the docked pontoon boat, talk about a weird cat, how is it safe out on the pontoon boat and not by the trailer(??)…hahaha…guess that is our boy, and many days of watching Mike fish, trying to show Mike how to fish ( the cat that is, he seems to think he knows better) to slowly get his confidence back. Meanwhile the 17-year-old Burmese Beezil has decided he needs to show Groot it is safe and has taken to wanting to go out several times a day to gallop about and then eat some nice grass, to puke up later, seems I need a hobby, cleaning up cat puke was not one on my list, but..sigh…where are those paper towels?

Has Groot recovered his mojo? Not completely, I can’t help but think he will be a more cautious cat for his experience, he was actually a bit of a sullen spoiled teenager before the bite, he was getting mighty big for his orange and white tabby pants, maybe mother nature took the wind out of his sails for a reason…it can be a big bad world out there, I think I hear a Cat Stevens song coming to mind…”oh baby baby it’s a wild world”:)

Saludos amigos and stay tuned, I think I may have found my mojo as well:)



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