Living in a small space-a few random thoughts today

It’s not for everyone, this small space living. You really have to like who you are living with to begin with;) I am amazed at how many times someone has said, “Oh, I’d kill my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend if we had to live in such a small space”…yikes! Glad Mike likes me, most of the time anyway;)


My guess is after working together, farming together, mucking thousands of stalls together, yelling at machinery together, we pretty much have it figured out:) When I lived on a sailboat for most of my young life I learned to find a quiet spot in my head, could have been a book, or just time spent sitting rolled up in a downed sail listening to birds or the wind, creating my own stories in my head that got me by. I’m not sure as an adult now if much has changed really.

We each find our quiet time in our own way. Sometimes, yes, a lot of the time we spend WAY too much time staring at our computer screens. Sign of out times?2016-08-05 065Asign

We do need to get out and stretch our legs, a lot. Groot as well, he needs his time outside to blow off kitten steam;) He would go stir crazy locked up, like today, as it is raining…he is staring at me with a melancholic look. Just sitting watching him explore is a smile a secound. Our lives so are so short, and our time limited here. Something we don’t often think about in our day-to-day living. I like to just sit and watch sometimes, the birds at the feeders, wondering at their behaviour, watching them feed their young this last week they have started to bring the little ones out. Little balls of fluff shaped somewhat like a Hairy Woodpecker but rounder:) They wear the same feathers every day…wonderful, no need to worry about what colour shirt we should put on;)

The rest of society around us seems to be flying by, not really noticing what is around them. Always in a hurry. If I could tell anyone anything it would be to slow down, and start to notice, at first anything…All those things we consider crucial to our everyday living and habits can be changed, if we want to. We worry and stress over the smallest things that in the bigger picture really do not matter by the time our lives are done. Whole industries are based on many of these things, our appearance, our clothes, the products we apply to ourselves, the food we eat, what we drive…marketing controls so much of the world around us and dictates what to buy, we really need to take a hard look at that and question why we need things, so many many things. Are they the path to happiness, as so many seem to think they are? It will all end up here perhaps one day, will your kids really want it? 🙂 So what is the answer? I’m sure it is different for everyone:)


Downsizing when we left Canada for Baja felt grand! It was freeing, as if the act of giving things away or selling them was like losing a chunk of responsiblity. When we packed up in Baja eight years later, only taking the items in our lives we felt could not be replaced, heirlooms, photos, books, oh so many wonderful books it was as if we’d become even lighter. Looking at our life possessions in an 8′ x 20′ shipping container…priceless, that feeling of freedom.

Do we miss things, yes, sometimes we do but then it get’s those creative juices flowing, how do you make do without it, what chica nada (jury rig in Baja talk) can you come up with to get by for the time being.

…and yes, we have a fridge and a stove with an oven, also a shower and a toilet. Inquiring minds have asked me about all of these. We have a comfortable bed and even reclining chairs, a fairly large TV, although we did take the one out of the bedroom, never wanted one there:) We are not glued to the glass teat as so many seem to be. We wander through life mostly free of what the marketers want us to believe;) The never-ending stream of what many watch everyday has a horrible impact on them, we see it, as TV’s blare in cafes, bars, stores, seems everywhere you go someone has one on…turn them off, my best words of wisdom for the day…turn off the marketing as best you can. Make your choices carefully every day, put some thought into it, do you really need this, or that. In our throw away world do we really need to contribute anything more to the trash piles and pollution out there?Day 1 our earth

It’s about choice really. Maybe that is what living in this small space is all about and those choices, they are precious, we can make them, someone is not making them for us, that I guess is what freedom is really all about. We have something here that in so many parts of the world is just a dream.

Think about it.

Saludos amigos #unplug #nature6-4-reflections in water


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  1. So true Pamela, the older you get you realize what is important in life . . My hope is that people learn it before they get old.

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