Things in the forest…not the ones that go bump in the night;)

2017-05-30 027AS

The forest is rustling, the leaves are out and the newly shaded areas are producing different kinds of life, why, mushrooms! It has been a very wet Spring so far and lot’s of plants are enjoying it to the fullest. These yellow morel mushrooms have popped up near the trailer here at the lake and elsewhere in the forest different varieties are pushing through the layers of fallen leaves.

The fiddleheads are all unfurled and new wildflowers are taking over the shaded areas  after the daffodils have faded. Wild Columbines-Aquilegia canadensis-so similar to the one we had in Baja- are beginning to flower and the lilacs and apples are glorious. Sweet scents waft on the breeze, pink and white honeysuckle, but so far, so few bees. Maybe what we are used to in Baja is quite different from here. Perhaps with so much to choose from the bees can be picky, there, when it bloomed, what ever it was it was covered in bees and hummingbirds.

With the flowers the insects have arrived as well. The first dragonflies and damselflies are flitting about, establishing their territories. I had one land on me, parts of its wings still unfurling from its cocoon state, resting, waiting to take flight…que maravilla!

The flying bugs that are up our noses and in our ears, removing copious amounts of blood through our skin are beginning to die back as we welcome the crawling ones. Hordes of tent caterpillars are emerging and consuming small trees in a go…the Blue Jays are doing their best but there are hundreds of them, no wonder it is such a productive time to nest! I have seen the bright red Summer Tananger in the tops of the trees calling to a lady love and the Ruby Throated hummingbirds are starting to use the feeder. Such a wonderful thing this thing they call Spring!

and it has become turtle rescue time! Stopping with Joanne on the sides of the roads on our way to see the horses and carrying small painted and snapping (OK, I push them with my carrying!) turtles out of the way of passing cars. Back at the trailer Groot discovered a tiny, inch and a half long Painted Turtle slowly heading towards the lake, I followed him down to the water, making sure he made it! What a precious thing life is!

The fields have gone from looking mown to wild stands of grasses. The deer are skirting the edges, always ready to dive into the bush and disappear. The resident red fox makes her nightly visits to the compost pile, Mike does leave her juicy tidbits every now and then. I’m sure she has cubs somewhere to feed. 2017-05-27 389ASSo far no racoon sightings but a beautiful family of Canada geese came to graze on the lawn, 11 chicks, then they swam off to the island in front. Probably why there are still 11 chicks left. Most of the families I’ve seen are down to three or four by this size, smart parents these:)

The red and black squirrels chastise Groot regularly from the heights of the trees, the Chipmunks have come very close to being Groot food on several occasions but have managed to out climb him when we’ve been too slow to grab the leash. They sit in the back window of the trailer driving him nuts:) I’m sure it is on purpose;)

2017-05-20 013BS

Tree frog with his lovely camouflage

The sounds of Spring, chirps, squeaks, songbirds, the whippoorwill in the far distance and Loons crying throughout the night. It is glorious to have a window open and to have all that invade our little space. Just a hardship we are going to have to endure;)

Saludos amigos. Until next time…keep your eyes open and soak Spring in, while our times might be troubled and idiots may rule the airways, Mother Nature always has an answer:)2017-05-28 279BS

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  1. Very inspiration and hopeful post! Thanks so much for the lovely thoughts and beautiful photos!

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