Ontario-you never know how lucky you are, water and more…

Sometimes we take for granted where we live and what it has to offer, but once you’ve moved away and then come back so many things become apparent that you might not have even thought of. After 8 years in Baja and the SW, basically high desert where we were the water in Ontario is an amazing sight.

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Land of lakes-Ontario

One-fifth of the world’s water can be found in Ontario in over 250,000 lakes, as well as at least a fifth of the worlds mosquitos as well I think;) a big change from the small arroyos and trickling streams of the Baja mountains. There, if I wanted to see nature, I put out a bowl of water and it appeared, here, it sings from the treetops and leaps out of the water at bugs!


We’ve been contemplating finding a piece of land on the water, a place for Mike to unload his telescope for a few months a year, build a small observatory perhaps to house it from the elements but it is becoming clear those spaces that are dark enough might be a bit too far from what we have come to enjoy, Perth. This small town we took for granted so many years ago continues to amaze us. To be able to walk into a grocery store in a town of 6,000 and find just about anything you ever wanted to eat from Indian chapatis to Mexican corn tortillas and everything between is glorious, the amazing choice that is offered here in this small town never cease to astound us. It’s not just the food either but a wonderful diversity that makes us smile on an every day basis.

Life at the lake here has been a small piece of paradise:) especially being so close to Perth, so we may eventually have to compromise on the dark skies, in favour of the ease of every day living! Tough choices, we are so very very spoiled here in Canada:) So, Perthites, enjoy this amazing small town, OK to whine about the weather, that is what we do as Canadians anyway but keep in mind just exactly what you have at your doorstep everyday…those choices, that water, those trees full of birds….life:)

Saludos amigos, enjoying life by the water:)

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Cottage life

2 thoughts on “Ontario-you never know how lucky you are, water and more…

  1. Hi Pamela, You are right, you have to leave this amazing little town to really appreciate it. I was born and raised in the town of Perth and I have watched 60 years of change and staying the same. It was a wonderful place to call home. I hope to return someday soon.

  2. I know the feeling Wendy! I was always wary about going back to places after we left, things change so much, but here, it has not. Truly an amazing and diverse small town with a wonderful cast of characters!

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