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There are places in your hometown that you drive by all the time, and never go in, so I have found over the last week after posting some pictures of Rideau Antiques on my facebook page and seeing the comments there, so, let’s go folks, this could be a nightmare if you have issues with hoarders;)

2017-04-26 021AS


From what I understand this started as a hobby for Cliff back in 1962 and has blossomed since then employing both family and friends over the years. Those of you that know me understand perhaps both my horror and fascination with this stuff. My mother was a hoarder, but unlike her, Cliff can sell his treasures, not something most hoarders can do so I will continue to call him a collector:)

As you drive into Rideau Antiques you will see that everything is laid out in a neat and orderly manner, albeit perhaps piled on top of each other, the items are mostly visible. If you don’t see what you are looking for, heavens sakes ask…Cliff knows where everything is, and pretty much what he has. Outside you may start with the glass jar aisle, or perhaps the roasting pot stock. We were looking for T-fence posts so meandered over to the farm equipment/machinery area.

Behind the house is also an array of doors and windows as well as the bicycles and yes, tricycles:) This is photo prop heaven, what about the Mickey/Minny tricycle! Come on child photographers…how cool is that!

…and the doors and windows, some of my favorites, just for the peeling paint! There are hundreds of windows stacked up in long rows and old wood door after old wood door. Check inside the house for old glass door knobs and skeleton keys!

I’m wondering how the fire department feels about it, they did shut down my mother’s house on more than one occasion in San Diego, and patrolled it regularly here in Perth requesting her to make paths through her treasures and check the smoke detectors…0_0

2017-04-26 069AS

Roasting pots to the left! Come into the house!

In the front of the house you will find a long row of jars and bottles, as well as everything and anything you might need for your fireplace. Need a new grate or a new to you mailbox perhaps? Pots perhaps for your plants or a nice wrought iron plant stand?

You could pick up that outboard motor you’ve always wanted, or maybe a new to you saw? and that is just a small sampling of the outdoor treasures. There is barn across the road full as well, and one on down the road a bit…so much to see! Shall we go inside?

No backpacks or camera bags in these narrow aisles, at least there were no “you break it you’ve bought it” signs! Each room has an assortment of items. Lamps in one room, china plates in another, cups and saucers in another. There are also comics and magazines, dolls and toys…oh my…there is a bit of truly everything one could ever imagine! I love the old windows and the wonderful curtains in each. This is a clean and tidy house I might add, no dust to blow off of items, no sneezing at mold here! Want to go upstairs?

I’m sure everything on the bottom floor is holding the top floor up. They don’t build houses like this anymore! It is an adventure. Mike refrained from going upstairs, he was having bad flashbacks I think of what my Mother did to his family home:)

I was looking for old wooden duck decoys and had walked right under them without knowing they were there. Cliff fetched his ladder and got several down for me, we started to chat. Mike had found two older wooden paddles for the canoe at the cottage and I asked him if we could bargain, as that is what we did in Mexico;) He smiled, and said as I’d asked nicely, of course! That’s when we discovered the Mexico connection.

Over the years he has had different Mexican families working for him and every winter they go to Taxco, Mexico. He explained they also worked across the road at a large farm as well. It IS feeling more like home. Cliff is a very articulate soft-spoken man who has taught languages all over the world. What a treasure he is, in his house of treasures!

2017-04-26 095AS

Doll or a fur coat?

Go see, and enjoy. Take your time and meander throughout the house and the outside aisles, you may find that treasure you were looking for!

Saludos amigos, hasta pronto and stay tuned for more Perth episodes!

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