Goodbye 2016-Hello Adventure 2017

It has been an odd year. The last portion from the elections on I felt like doing this:1-8-minimalismo

But now I’m doing better after a bit of this:2016-12-28-305aa

We have a lot to be thankful for. We have our health, knock on wood, we are doing what we would like to do without any direction from anybody other than ourselves. We have each other, isn’t that the most important thing in this day and age when things seem to tumble and fall so readily. We are surrounded by creatures that bring us great joy, our pets, mascotas. The smile quotient with these two is off the scale;)

It’s been a hard year saying goodbye to two of our beautiful old Burmese boys. The grief is still strong. The fact that Beezil is still with us never ceases to amaze me. Being relaxed in life perhaps is the best medicine. He always was the calmest of the bunch, the don’t worry be happy guy. I have a lot to learn, especially the walking on water part:) Groot has been an inspiration in what a cat can do on a leash…He has injected life into the old guy as well…I am grateful for these two fantastic beasts:)

I’m going to try, to be less of some things. Judgmental, no more yelling at strangers doing stupid things, well, maybe, especially the jerk 4 spaces down that was lighting off firecrackers a few nights ago in front of the DO NOT SET OFF FIRECRACKER sign, this is a bit of a bird sanctuary duh (?) a case of an American in Mexico doing what he wants. He was more worried about his Escalade being stolen, “cuz it was a really nice car here in Mexico”…go home, it was OK yelling at him out the window that he was as%hole and to F*@&k off. Not to mention the set of claw marks and dripping blood I had on my legs after the first firecracker went off…cats and dogs don’t like this. Be kind to them.

More open and trusting, not really in my nature but I have to try. Resist cynicism…this is hard for me. I don’t have a lot of faith in humanity, maybe I need to try harder.

I’m so thankful for my friends, and my family that is left, and the ones that have gone, I have many memories and a wonderful world view because of them. I think my mother would have liked what we were doing, but like her I guess, we make our decisions on what we would like to do in life, not on what is expected of us it seems. Must be something genetic;) Seems the family has a knack for the different.

I love this man-he is my anchor, my voice of reason at times, I guess we are that for each other. He is adventurous, smart, funny ( not just lookin’) He knows what I mean. I am hoping 2017 will bring us darker skies, more telescope views, slower paces, we clocked over 14,000 miles since May, that has been too fast a pace, we will be slowing down. More time to share what we love with those around us, and spend time with faraway family. We’re hoping to see you along the road, don’t be shy if you see people standing around what looks like a cannon in the dark, speaking geek talk, come on over and take a look at the universe in a different way, we don’t bite, well, almost never;)

Happy New Year-Follow your dreams




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