Ensenada-you really have to go


Back window view from the trailer…ahhh…sucks right?;)

Do you like a quiet spot, palm trees, migrating birds, with an ocean view? Do you like to eat an amazing variety of delicious food, drink fine wine and artesanal beer? All at about half the price you would pay in California, if you could even find that kind of quality and freshness. Welcome to Ensenada and Estero Beach RV Park. Forget that..0_0..Is Mexico safe crap…of course it is, just as safe as San Diego, without the random violence, remember, not many folks have guns here. We’ve made this our base for many years to get things done for the ranch, just relax, or just plain old enjoy our friends company and eat…yes..I always come back with a few extra pounds it seems…but it is SOOOO good and there is so much to choose from.

From carne asada to fish tacos at the stands to high end eats in Ensenada and Valle de la Guadalupe, there is something for everyone. The freshness of the seafood is astounding and everything from the freshest tuna to organic free run chicken is available in the markets downtown. Our favourite haunt for everyday shopping is beside the wine store for Santo Tomas. From El Robles wonderful variety of hard to find foodstuffs and their free range chicken, to Hogaza Hogaza’s sourdough bread to De Garo, one of the most wonderful fish markets and best local bulk olive oil is run by a delightful couple who’s attention to detail and quality is outstanding. This is where the high end restaurants get their fish, clams, shrimp and oysters.

From here, day trips to Valle de la Guadalupe and Francisco Zarco are possible. The delightful array of wineries will boggle your mind. Best days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday when most of the tasting rooms are open, bring a DD;) sample some of the very upscale cuisine at a not so upscale price. Deckmans and Laja are our longtime favourites but on the corner in Francisco Zarco Las Gueritas codorniz and conejo can not be missed as she grills them over a wood fire on her roadside cart.

So, to work off all that amazing food, I run around the estuary sand flats as the tide goes out chasing birds when I can, or just slowly stalking them. The variety is a marvel as well as the migrations that pass. Their are residents and lots of visitors, so many birds!

You can also just sit, grill up some fresh shrimp your self and enjoy one of the spectacular sunsets over Punta Banda…where is my wine?;)

Is it all good…no, but most of the time, amazing. Yes the water is salty, you can fill your tanks before you come in or just buy drinking water as you need it. Check the electrical plug before you settle on a spot, it may, or may not work, always carry a 110v to 30amp converter. This is defensive driving country…if you are a lazy inattentive driver, stay in the US, don’t endanger us here;) Stop signs are often just suggestions, as are red lights, I call them pink lights as most folks tend to go through them for the first 5 secounds of their redness…look both ways. Is there great insurance, yes, of course, lots of groups to choose from, the most reasonable is Elena Bretts, she is wealth of information and can do it over the phone, or computer for you and is a sweatheart to boot!

and bring your Spanish-English dictionary, don’t be a dick…try to speak the language even if it is only a few words, it will get you some good laughs for your gaffs, hey, that rhymes, and probably some new friends. With the uncertain times looming over Americans and their perceptions of Mexico, try to be a good ambassador, you need all the help you can get right now. This is an amazing country full of generous wonderful people.

Saludos amigos, stay tuned as we venture to “el otro lado” in the next few weeks…hope we make it out alive..maybe we should remove that Darwin fish from the bumper…sigh…I’ll let you know:)

Oh..and enjoy the beautiful Mexican smiles…they are the very best part of it all:)2016-10-29-279asign

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