El Otro Lado-the other side

The land of plenty, el otro lado, or the “other side” as we say in Mexico-Back in the USA. It is always a very odd feeling to be here. Often I feel overwhelmed by the choices..but the ice cream has been good. We have to change the way we think and shop..we don’t have to supply up for weeks, just a day or more. The adjustment is difficult, you want to reach for all the goodies that are not available south of the border only to realize you can come back tomorrow for them and they will be there…the struggle with plenty:)


El Capitan, Lakeside, California

We chose a county park near Lakeside, Lake Jennings, it is quiet, but right in the city almost, at least it feels that way for us. The skyline is dominated by El Capitan, a huge hunk of rock to the east, the foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains.

The park is located looking over a man-made reservoir, Lake Jennings. Sadly for birding, they remove the reeds the birds need to nest in so there are very few birds. There are wonderful hiking trails around the lake and lots of other life.

Lake Jennings

Lake Jennings

I have had to purchase a new computer, goodbye ancient Lenovo and WinXP..my oh my we had some good and bad times so am struggling with Windows 8 and OH MY, touchscreen, I’m being dragged into the future;) I’ll get it eventually but it is very nice to be back online after a few days and managed to save all the old files:) The WiFi here at the Park is fast, always a treat, after the Satellite internet at the ranch and it’s limits this is wonderful! People take so much for granted here. It is something we are so aware of, and thankful for what we do have.

The cats seemed to adjust better this trip.

What the.....

What the…..

The wait at the border was long but it gave them a chance to come out of their hidy-hole and look around..at border life-always a treat-they were very wide eyed..as I usually am there;) So slowly we will settle into a routine. After a few days here to gather our wits we are ready to venture out.


Very small butterfly-Silver checkerspot (?)

My hummingbird feeder is full and it already has visitors. The mornings have been delightful watching the ground squirrels come out and sun themselves..they are cute now that I don’t have to chase them away from my flowers..no longer the ratas of the sierra but cute park animals..HA!

The cats are enjoying the nature show with the rabbits as well. We are seeing new butterflies and insects..so many new things to learn and explore and family to visit. I’ll need to take my time and sit and watch what comes out later today, camera in hand, a whole new routine with my morning coffee.Life is good…stay tuned:)

Morning warm up

Morning warm up


Lake Jennings

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