Estero Estuary and Punta Banda

Reddish Egret

7-6-windy egretcropsign

Snowy Egret

7-10-Elegant tern EEsign

Elegant Terns

Estero Estuary is a fantastic spot for bird lovers. As the tide comes in and out over the sandy flats hundreds of birds gather to fish. The Reddish Egrets run up and down along the sand as the tide comes in bringing it’s bounty. The Snowy egrets are more content to poke about the grass and rocks with the Willets, Long Billed Curlews and Marbled Godwits. Thrown in to that mix are the Seagulls, Pelicans, Turkey Vultures and Ospreys. Flocks of Elegant and Lesser Terns also can be found out on the flats, resting and fishing. The area abounds with life and flight. On the thin penisula that protects the Estuary from the Pacific Ocean there is the Punta Banda Wildlife Preserve. There are paths to wander and signs pointing out different flora and fauna. It is a beautiful and extremely quiet beach. No motorized vehicles are allowed and you can walk for miles exploring the beach and dunes and the fantastic vegetation.

As the tide goes out you can walk the hard packed sand flats with the hundreds of tiny crabs that call this home. There is vegetation that survives being underwater as well as being exposed once the tide goes out.


Lengüeta Aranosa

7-6-Beach flowerC

Flower on the dunes


Osprey looking for his next meal

So if you find yourself in this part of the woods, er mud flats, make a stop for a few days and enjoy what it has to offer!

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