The pluses and minuses of it all

I did say once I would never move again..sigh…but here we go again. I guess it is simply a sense of adventure and a lack of any common sense..HA..that keeps us going at times. Moving in here was an adventure and moving out will be the same but it is the small things we will miss most…and some of the major things as well.

Beauty and the beast of it…
Down the mountain


Our weekly drive to Ensenada I will miss for it’s ever-changing beauty and light, as you descend through the clouds and you come out under then as often as not and a whole new world starts..that is the beauty..

Down the mountain4sign

and the beast of it is..well, the six and a half hours of driving on very narrow roads with no shoulders, dodging crazed 18 wheelers on too much Red Bull and preteens sitting on pillows driving unplated old trucks in the middle of the road over the centerline and pot holes..I will not miss.

I’ll miss…The hummingbirds…Anna’s, Allen’s, Costa’s, Ruffous and Black chinned…but fear not my wonderful hummingbird fans..I will be taking a feeder with me to lure them close to my camera wherever we go…:)

4-30-HummerRRsignThere are so many pluses and minuses that all eventually equal out somewhere along the way really…

I’m sure I will be able to come up with many more misses as we go along but right now I am looking forward to all the new sights, smells and sounds that we will encounter…the pluses.  Always being on a timetable here to get back in time to feed the crowds-horses, dogs and cats has always limited our time to explore. Leaving early in the morning, doing our shopping for supplies, taking care of business (accountants/lawyers) and grabbing a bite to eat before we head home has been hectic to say the least. So now, with time to explore I will relish the opportunity to waste some time wherever we please to do so!

     Baja is an amazing place with so many good people and glorious spots to see from the desert to the mountains and to the sea. I am looking forward to experiencing some more of all of it as we start our trip from Ensenada in search of good eats, treats and sights and sounds..I’m getting hungry just thinking of it. Saludos mis amigos and stay tuned.



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