Summertime, sweet, sweet summertime

I went down early thinking it would be cool, it was not, warm mists over the lake

We wait all year then it’s here, why do we always forget about the bugs though! Ha! and sweating, I could fill the lake after the last few weeks, you know it’s been hot when 65° or 18° celsius feels cold! Just when the last remnants of my tick bites have disappeared I battle the deer flies. Now, my husband and I can walk out at the same time and there isn’t a single bug around him, they are ALL surrounding me…waiting to land and take out a chunk of flesh that leaves huge welts and itchiness for weeks. ARGH!!!! I love dragonflies…they eat deer flies, they are my friends, now and forever!

The variety and colours are never ending, ladies and gents of the same species are often quite different! I’m on a hunt for the cyclops dragonfly, also known as the Common Green Darner, one eye, I am not kidding, stay tuned! I’m just not quite ready to venture near the swamp, deer fly territory! Maybe I can find one alongside the lake!

It’s been a very quiet Summer for us for butterfly wise, they have flitted through without much stopping, I heard they have seemed to be quite late this year. I’ll check at the barn at the end of the week, the swallowtails love the manure pile/ponds after the rains, full of nutrients!

Our mangled beak Ruby Throated Hummingbird has truly taken over the yard, I can’t call him scarface so Captain Crookedbeak it is! He has a nice harem and lots of juveniles are showing up. Did you know that adult Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, are sexually dimorphic i.e. the adult male and adult female are different in external appearance. However, young males “masquerade” as females until their first winter, at which time they attain adult male plumage. This can make ageing and sexing difficult during summer and fall after young of the year have fledged. So, boy or girl, take a wild guess! They say it makes the young males lives easier, pretending to be females in the beginning. Captain Crookedbeak does NOT care, everyone but his select ladies is “outta here!”

You can tell the juveniles, they try every flower, no matter how difficult the landing, it’s worth exploring until Captain Crookedbeak comes and chases them off, then they wait, and come back when he is busy chasing someone else in the other direction, he exhausts me just watching him!

The first batch of Baltimore Orioles have come and gone. They are pretty silly to watch. Dad seemed to feed them mostly at first them Mom would occasionally bring one by the jam jar. It was teaching them how to get to that jam jar themselves that Dad was having issues with…”NO! I’m TOO scared Dad!” you could see them saying…”Have kids they said! It will be fun they said!” you could see him thinking that, sarcastically! Ha! Mom is back on the nest again I think, or gone to Florida on vacation with the kids! Dad still comes frequently to the jam, he’s let me know, raspberry jam only, don’t try and foist that orange marmalade nasty rindy stuff (which he loved last year) on him, yuck, and no strawberry either! President’s choice raspberry mostly fruit for him he says! Yes sir!

Like an Oriole soap opera, “As the Jam turns, Oriole Place, A day in the life of an oriole, Oriole Abbey…I could go on. I won’t ha! Yes, I’m easily amused!

Not everything has been flying by, but mostly! Sometimes things also flap, out of water. Groot’s special treat is getting to go down to dock, all alone, well, with us, just not his other “baby” siblings that don’t know how to behave, have no decorum and frankly he says, are embarrassing! He has rules, it just seems the other two are not inclined to follow them. Rocket has no concept of personal space, we all have a friend like that right? Even after repeatedly getting whacked for encroaching in Groot’s personal space he looks so hurt and confused “Why he no like me?” Should have called Groot Les, Les Nessman. Some of you will know what I’m talking about, lines drawn around office desk…knock before crossing that line! Ha!

Meanwhile…back at the ranch, house…Orange cats are special! Ed.

This cat lies in the sun when it’s 85° out, he was raised by a Burmese cat that is obvious! The only thing that alarms him is delivery guys who knock (or the sound of tires on gravel), Mike did say he was going to give him away when he was a bad kitten, he hasn’t forgotten, today could be the day, and the vacuum. He hides under the comforter on the bed. I feel endlessly guilty for terrorizing him once a week, OK, once every ten days! He’s my boy! We just weighed him…20.6 pounds, no fat. What did we do to deserve a tiger in our midst?

This is summertime. We fixed a hydraulic hose on the trailer, found the front jacks all the way down one morning and tracked down the suspect fitting, a pool of hydraulic fluid is always a dead giveaway. Took it into town to our tractor hose guy, $60 later and a hose that’s three times as strong we now have it leveled back up, you do have to spend the prerequisite amount of time gossiping with the hose guy as well, part of doing business! Better than the $250 mobile call to examine the problem, and the $250 call to fix it after it has been diagnosed. That seemed pricey but I suppose they charge what they have to. We’ll save that for the serious stuff! Still have to fix the wire on the small bedroom slide (one broke) and figure out where the mattress is leaking (It’s an air one) and then there are the ants……small potatoes! We’ll get it done!

This is also summertime…

That late day light and storm clouds

Best time to swim, or take a paddle around, so calm you can see the fish under the canoe. Soon enough the heat will dissipate and those first chilly mornings will bring the fog across the lake, like tomorrow night, they are calling for 7° celcius (44°!!!!) Whaaaatttt? Sigh. Canada. In the meantime we will enjoy that heat and bugs and chipmunks, these three will anyway, the survivor chipmunks of this year are smart and savvy, that’s not to say that cats don’t dream though!

The early morning rodentia torture squad is hard at work…

Saludos amigos and stay tuned for a trip around the lake-hasta pronto!

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