Yelling birds and fornicating butterflies…0_0…never gets boring here!

Ha! A few will just have to look after seeing the fornicating;) It comes up on google as “verb *humorous (really?) of two people not married to each other- having sexual intercourse.” It is that time of year! Horny moths and butterflies;) I told them to get a room this morning, I don’t want to watch while drinking my coffee! Hahahahaha! They don’t get married as far as I know but it did say “people” so, maybe not the best word but…they sure looked like they were having a fluttering good time, so yes, I did look, and even take pictures…what does that make me, google…a voyeur 😉

Back to the yelling birds…don’t worry we’ll get back to the butterflies later;) While sitting, a loud commotion started from the maple bush and moved to the nearby telephone/hydro pole. The young Pileated Woodpecker male was yelling like a hungry grumpy child for his parents…

This went on for awhile until “Dad” swooped onto the pole and proceeded to feed this famished, almost fully grown youngster…They eat insects but will also eat wild fruits and nuts, including blackberries, sumac berries, poison ivy, holly, dogwood, and elderberry.

I can just imagine in the poor Pileated father Woodpecker’s head hearing his wife/mate say ” Take junior, GO! Go bond, It will be fun she said!!! Ha!

Watching the interaction between these two was very amusing, maybe not for Dad, mini me was getting a good feed of something, ground up carpenter ants, some of the numerous gypsy moth caterpillars, a few beetles and sunflower seeds thrown in perhaps for dessert;) What a patient parent:)

“Dad, you’re the best🙂” I have to hand it to this father Pileated-he was doing a great job but eventually just flew off into the forest…mini me following him…..hahahahahaha! What a lovely sight!

Ah, problems parents have the world over, n’est ce pas? And we thought hungry cats were trying;)

So here you go…fornicating Northern Crescent Butterflies. I have a vision of some bad televangelical saying “Interpersonal activity involving sex organs that does not conform to God’s revealed laws governing sexuality! FOR-NI-CA-TION!!! Evil demons come out!!!” The “Bakers Evangelical Dictionary” can help you out in times like these…yes, there is such a thing….let’s not go there today;) hahahahahahaha! and yes, the earth is flat…hahahahaha! It can’t be-Cats would have knocked everything off it by now;)…and if fornicating butterflies is bad, imagine what these guys would say about interspecies love????

Rocket has it bad…for the little raccoon. Every night he follows her from window to window, straining for a view, pressing against the screen, just a glimpse of that beautiful mask and ringed tail….sigh (Haven’t you ever felt like this?♥)…Love is grand….Groot, on the other hand, guards the front door screen, hisses at Rocket if he comes too close and yells those familiar words “You SHALL not pass!!!” to the raccoon, in his best Gandalf the gray impression, it’s pretty good;) Life is just so much fun with cats:)

Now I’m worried his chasing of the little bunny may have more to it;) I’ll leave you here, things got a bit long yesterday so stay tuned-we have a runaway, or is that running away bunny, according to Groot and Rocket! Clouds are moving in and we are ready for some welcome rain! Saludos y abrazos amigos! Love, live, laugh!

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