WAIT! Not Winter again!

You always hope when you get those late storm warnings that maybe the weather people are lying, bad, or simply incompetents! Not so, woke up to a bit of snow and it continued most of the morning…the cats were not amused. “What the f@#k!” was the look we got when we let them out;) ha! Only Rocket took off through the snow spinning around and digging, the other two were not even sure getting off the porch was a good idea;) Things you learn with age;) To be honest I thought, hey, this is really pretty out, light snowflakes falling, really windy as well but let’s see if we can take some pictures anyway! Off to the truck I went, found an umbrella, dragged my folding beach chair to a protected spot and settled down, sort of, I felt like Mary Poppins, at any point I might just lift off with the umbrella and tour the lake, it was howling, and of course it scared all the birds off a few times until they went “Meh…need food!”

It was fascinating to see some returning Spring birds as well. A Chipping Sparrow, first of the year sat puffed up on a branch, a female Red-Winged Blackbird made an appearance as well. The Sumac bush was being invaded by a Robin when a beautiful Northern Flicker landed for a berry or two as well! I lasted about 45 minutes before my toes started to freeze and headed back into the warmth by the fire. Overall, we really can not complain about this Spring, it is extremely early and I am happy to see the green shoots poking up through the ground!

All along the road small wildflowers are emerging-Hepaticas. A wonderful photographer friend on Facebook sent me the location of some amazing wildflowers called Dutchman’s Breeches. I had never seen these fabulous flowers. We drove over the day before the snow and found a road with thousands on either side! It was stunning! Mother Nature…she never ceases to amaze me.

So, a day of snow is just a small glitch, it’s not as if we have 4 more months of it! Ha! We visited the horses and donkeys this week as well. The daffodils were blooming in their field and they were simply irresistibly cute this bunch! Jennifer, their owner and fabulous caretaker of our equine family, said if we thought they were cute, a 20lb baby donkey is off the cuteness scale! (Don’t show one to Mike, he’ll bring it home! ) Mike gave everyone a scratch and some snacks and we just sat and watched:) a few moments with these guys and your troubles disappear!

So, this is Spring, the ups and downs, the grass and wildflowers, furry donkey ears and shedding horses. Rebirth, and birth, the lambs and calves are in farmer’s fields. You can tell the very new ones as they are so bright and clean! The geese are getting territorial, chasing off any new comers to their spots, and the Loons have started to cry, that haunting, melodic cry…

As we enter another lockdown I have to be thankful for the opportunity to share not only the wild animals and birds we encounter, but the domestic ones as well with everyone. Virtually. They make me smile, they make me laugh. Rocket was eating his breakfast the other day lying down…ha! Why can’t I have breakfast in bed I wanted to know??!! One nice sunny morning they flaked out on the canoe…cat poster boys;) We are well trained cat slaves I have to admit;)…”Let me lightly sauté that catnip in sardine oil sir!”…NOT! Ha! Maybe;)

So, with the next month of lockdown, honestly our lives are not going to change much. Wear a mask, keep our distance, shop once a week (we try!) Life goes on. Just what we have been doing for the last year. As more and more friends get their vaccine there seems to be a tiny ray of hope for limited gatherings, for hugs, we miss those hugs, but in the meantime we have our animal friends, we have zoom and the wonderful voices of family and friends over the phone, and some mornings I get to wake up with the Loons and sit and watch the lake….

Saludos y abrazos amigos…

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  1. As hard as this pandemic and the lockdowns have been on us all, I have to say that I can’t think of a more wonderful place to be ‘stuck’!!

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