Wear a mask! If these guys can, so can you;)

The Province has announced that we can move into Stage 3 of re-opening as of Friday, July 17, 2020. This means that many more Lanark county businesses (things like indoor dining, fitness facilities and libraries) are allowed to re-open or further open while keeping physical distancing, face coverings and other COVID-19 prevention measures in place…this isn’t hard…why all the whinging and whining? This isn’t the US;) ha! It was distressing to see on our last trip to the “big city” of Ottawa that people seemed to think that now everyone is wearing a mask that we need’t keep our distance…WRONG! I need a blow up bubble (images of a rolling bubble person come to mind…hahahaha) around me for future visits, or you know what, we just won’t go to the stores we found to be truly atrocious about it.

We are so privileged in so many ways. I’ve read about the teenage and 20-30 something angst, (I know a few 50-60 somethings having trouble coping, no audience?ha!) yes I get it, you can’t party and meet up with your friends… Are you a Syrian family escaping with nothing but the clothes on your back from a war torn country? That would be angst…Have you, along with another 2.3 million people in India been displaced by floods that have wiped out your home, pets, livestock and in some cases family? That would be angst…think about it. I’m not downplaying your depression but really, you have internet, you have a phone, you can talk and Skype and Facetime and whatever…we need to be thankful we are living in an area that provides us with all those freedoms. One day, life may get back to normal, but I’m not counting on it. We’re not being bombed, invaded, enslaved by an alien race (OK, that IS a bit of a stretch..ha!) Find the joys you can in living….the little things…you are the architect of your own happiness.

You have food, a place to live, your health, family….Hopefully…You have so much:) Remember that…enough preaching…I watched a tiny baby raccoon with his/her sibling and was wondering why it was so much smaller than it’s brother/sister..as I sat and watched carefully, I realized it only had one front leg…wow…and yet here it was, climbing a tree, picking through the bird seed. It was a lot more careful than it’s older, larger sibling though. I hope it makes it through the Winter. Mama Raccoon comes to the compost with the children in tow. I’ll be looking for my little friend each night now. Last night he/she finally decided I was not a threat and if I sat quietly, he went about his business of digging through the fallen bird seed. It brought a smile to my face to be accepted. I wasn’t raised with dozens of friends, and schools, and graduations, and sports, unless swimming in the ocean is one, with sharks! ha! No TV or phone. I wrote my friends, people I had met. I think I turned out OK (I’ve been told so, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah…by real adults hahahaha!)

Saludos amigos, stay safe, stay connected however you can. Feeling fortunate like my new little friend, we both can walk, however wobbly and unbalanced…and I am thankful for everything we have that gives us the ability to communicate, freely, in a free country…Now there is something to ponder…We take too much for granted:)

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