Oh, Canada

Well, almost, we had one stop North of Seattle, in Bothel, at a little man-made lake for the night, fairly quiet but sardine like side by side. Groot didn’t like the hiking path behind the trailer, kept hissing, found out why the next morning when a very large coyote loped off in front of us…

This is the only RV Park we have encountered with an 8.5 mph speed limit…eight and a half…that is tough, not a wee bit under at 5, nor a speedy 10 mph but exactly 8.5 mph…..maybe just to make you smile? A Monty Python skit could be done here….;)

The speed being 8.5 miles an hour, with 10 MPH being too fast, and 5 MPH being too slow….who the hell makes these ludicrous things up?

So we only lasted a night here…couldn’t take the speed limit;) ha! and then, Oh Canada! Took the trucker route border crossing once again that follows the 15 up to the Trans Canada. Went into the RV lane, far left it said, which it seems was the Nexus lane, which perplexed the Customs and Immigration agent for a few moments, apparently she was not aware it also said RV lane;) long wait, took all of 5 minutes;) ha! Even with our non-nexus passports and paperwork. Have to love Canada:)

Did I mention the rain and clouds…and rain and clouds? yes, lot’s of rain and clouds. The cats were not amused by this predicament but I was so happy to see my father and the lovely Gloria it made no difference. We cooked a lovely Sunday dinner together (Ok, Mike and Gloria cooked, I chatted;) and went over some ancestry questions someone in New Zealand had about our family, that was their family as well. Turns out my Great grandmother was Swedish, who was married in the US where my Grandmother was born, Illinois then moved to New Zealand and her family owned a sheep station! No wonder I like lamb chops;) My Dad had a rough start to Spring with pneumonia and being hospitalized but fingers crossed he is feeling better every day! They are an inspiration for what a love and a great relationship looks like and about people who have worked closely together for over 45 years! We will be back to visit again soon!

We did have a bout or two of sun. It was wonderful to go out and mosey around. Several Northern Flickers families were squabbling about territories and azaleas were blooming. We walked over to Park Royal and Mike’s favourite German deli there, the Black Forest Delicatessen. We stocked up on German num nums, sweet and savory, before we headed East to the less than stellar selection of prairie grocery stores:) but not before another long awaitied stop at my great friend Joanne’s place near Fort Langley. Newly married we wanted to meet her wonderful husband Gene and to take a breath in the countryside. They’d just come back from an Australian honeymoon and we were delighted to spend a few nights on their farm. They run Glen Valley Stables, the best trail riding experience in BC’s lower mainland. After years of looking at her horses pictures I felt I knew them:) We tend to meet up about every 10 years or so, hopefully not so long until the next visit. We met as kids in Rarotonga, the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, but that is ANOTHER story;)

Good thing Mike can back up a trailer, their laneway was narrow and road to the farm not very wide, we had to drive in and then turn around in their ample yard while trying not to run Blue aka Levi the horse down as he strolled about and sniffed the trailer, we pruned a few tree branches but set up next to the mare corral. What a treat to have horses at home again! Groot even looked like he could be friends with Joanne’s lovely dog Pepper, but those huge four legged creatures, they were not quite sure about them! Wonderful to meet Gene and so happy to see Joanne again! It’s one of those wonderful friendships where you just take up where you left off and not much seems to change but it has! It was so nice to hear what she and Gene are doing!

But time to head East once again! Many of the Provincial Parks are not open but Monck was, no services, but free as well! Who says nothing is free? How can you turn down a beautiful spot on Nicola lake? We had forgotten just how bumpy the 20 kilometer road in was but nothing too serious bounced out of place! Sad to see the old Heritage Church had burned down on the road in from Merritt:(

When we arrived, we were the only ones there! Talk about getting your pick of spots. It was limited, only 25 sites in loop 1 were open but we squeezed into one and let out a sigh of relief…quiet…wind in the pines, cats ran around on their leashes like lunatics down to the beach and through the pines! A Groot and Gamora approved campground. I need to make up some kind of stamp! The posted speed limit: a speedy 20 km/h!!! That is a roaring 12.247 mph! What would the Lake Pleasant RV Park think?? Those speedy Canadians;) hahahahaha!

The Ospreys were still nesting in the same tree and the Pine Siskins were busy. Not many wildflowers but Spring is just starting here. The sun left us after we arrived and we returned to gray and blustery but this is such a beautiful area. The Yellow Bellied Marmots were even out down at the beach:)

I have to admit this place has a magic to it, spectacular when it is empty. A few campers arrived later in the day but everybody was so spread out and quiet it felt like you were all alone! I didn’t want to leave but with no power and the night time temperatures dropping below freezing, the old cat was complaining about not having his heated blanket, poor skinny old guy, off to somewhere with a plug in! The place we stayed last year in Salmon Arm was not yet open, more than likely under water, so our good friends Nick and Ruby checked out another place East of town. When we arrived, I groaned, outloud, gave Mike a look, it was RIGHT beside the highway..sigh…hate highway noise, but to my delight upon checking in we were given directions to a windy little road, and fancy gate, down to a creek, well behind the main permanents office, tucked well away from most of the noise…have to trust that husband sometimes;) That is why it is called “Hidden Valley” he said!

Here the Canoe Creek was running. Small bridges dotted the lower campground for tenters and we were, alone again! By now you probably get that I really really like to be alone at times;) Especially when nature is involved. The cats adored this place! Bridges to cross, chipmunks to try to catch, try being the word, many new things to sniff, snails and such! A forest wonderland.

It was wonderful again to visit with friends! It is something we miss about traveling full time, but then we do eventually get to meet up with our far spread tribe and we are adding to it as we go! Our next step-out of British Columbia and a whole different province:) The drive through BC is spectacular-waterfalls along the Trans Canada 1 and the rolling ranch hills past Monck up the trans Canada 5 and back to the 1 through Kamloops into the mountains towards Salmon Arm and the beautiful lake…but…the Rockies…well…a jaw dropping experience everytime we go…so stay tuned for…snow! Alberta here we come!

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  1. Wow! Once again amazing pictures and stories. I love reading about your adventures Pam, your stories always put a smile on my face and a song in my heart! Thank You xo

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